Vintage Reception Looks
Somewhere in Time is a true
inspiration of the Vintage Themed
Wedding. From Decor, Gowns, Cakes
and Centerpieces, Vintage has
become the most popular wedding

We have lots of theories as to why so
many brides love the "vintage" look.
It's a gimmick-free style that guests of
all ages warm to. It's also perennially
tasteful, offering a way to create a
wedding that's romantic and
traditional and certainly never boring.
Your Somewhere In Time Wedding...
Vintage Styles

Create your own
Vintage Wedding
from Decor, Cakes,
Attire and
accessories. The
best Vintage ideas
best Vintage ideas
for your perfect
classic wedding style.
Vintage Wedding Gowns

Rococo Wedding Gown
draped over an organza
bustle, this dress's lace
overlay is short on fabric and
long on drama.

It's a bold interpretation of
used to extend skirt widths in
the days of Marie Antoinette.

Ines Di Santo "Lola" gown.
Victorian and Edwardian wedding inspiration
If you're planning a wedding inspired by the Victorian era, use words like
rich, romantic, ornate, and old-fashioned when speaking with your vendors.
The Gown >>
A gown with an empire waist
and cap or poet sleeves is a
must. Gown by Elizabeth
The Color>>
palette of Pink, peach,
cream, beige and gold for a
truly Victorian Era feel to
your reception.
The Flowers >>
Use garden roses,
hydrangeas, peonies,
violets, and pansies.
<< The Cake
Ask your baker for a design
that's beribboned and feminine;
top it with fresh flowers
arranged in an antique teacup.
<< Film Inspiration
For more inspiration, view
films The Age of Innocence
(1993), Finding Neverland
<< Fabrications
Incorporate satin, velvet,
lace, and pearls into your
attire and the décor.
Cloe Noel

Florida Bride Magazine's
Editors choice for vintage
accessories are these
repurposed handmade
jewelry designs.

The designs include
glamorous wedding and
vintage cuffs from artisan
Cloe Noel...
This exquisite new collection of vintage inspired bridal and special occasion
shoes has a variety of heels and elegant silhouettes, combined with beautiful
vintage detailing creating a unique yet timeless collection.

Rachel Simpson is passionate about shoes, and takes a lot of inspiration from
the elegance of 1920's and 1930's footwear, when the look was glamorously

I recently had the
wonderful opportunity to
interview with Jane
Seymour. She certainly
was everything that I
expected her to be,
gracious, kind and
approachable. Read the
full interview...
The 1920’s is the decade when
fashion became more exciting and
attractive. Women deserted the
former constricting and modest
clothing of former years and
developed a style of their own. This
explains why our modern era is
inspired so much by this time period.
Because the 1920’s were such a
prosperous era and social customs
became more relaxed, clothing styles
reached a whole new revolution, with
fashion styles such as the flapper
Vintage Style
Both bridal and special
occasion collections
combine this elegant
vintage handwriting with
carefully selected heels
and full leather linings to
ensure comfort goes hand
in hand with style.
Your Retro Wedding - Shaken not Stirred
How can you get the look?
Makeup in the 1950′s was sophisticated and glamorous, simple and elegant. Strong eyebrows, neutral lids, and dark liner.
As far as lipstick is concerned, you only have one choice: red. However, select a shade that compliments your skin tone so
that you don’t wind up looking washed out. As always, if you use a makeup professional you have a much better chance of
achieving the Audrey/Marilyn/Grace Kelly style.
With the return of Mad Men to prime time, the hottest show on TV has inspired a 50′s revolution in fashion and decor which
will show up in weddings this year. Whether it is a bridal gown with a tightly cinched waist and full skirt, a full-blown martini
bar, or hints of 1950′s style sprinkled throughout the entire wedding, the ’Nifty Fifties’  are upon us. If you have any doubts,
pick up the latest issue of Florida Bride for the latest trends and vintage styles.
Hair was softly curled and luxuriously smooth and with
many hair types, this is not an easy task. A perfect 1950′s
coiff would be a pompadour, rolled bangs or soft curls. Be
aware that these styles take a great deal of time and really
great products, allow for this when booking your hair
appointment before the wedding.
Gowns were magnificent creations of lace and tulle. Full
skirts with tiny waists, big veils, loads of detail and tea
length gowns were the style. Choose a gown that
accentuates the best of both you and the style of the
decade. If you opt for a strapless gown, consider a bolero
jacket or a shrug, each one were equally popular in the
Tuxedos have not changed drastically since the 1950′s but
the difference is in the details. The ties were narrower, the
shirts always pleated, the cummerbund was white or black  
and the lapels were slimmer.  Straight leg pants, patent
leather shoes and a spring in your step with complete the
look. White dinner jackets weralso very  popular but, for
the most formal occasion – tails were the norm.