Top Wedding Trends
Looking at the Latest Trends of the Season     

A trend is the general direction in which something tends to move.  We see them all the time, whether it’s weddings, fashion, or hairstyles.  Without trends, there wouldn’t be much to
write about.  The question remains though – do brides like to keep up with new trends, or do more prefer classic and traditional ways?  While elements of vintage and tradition are
often seen today, most brides do tend to follow the latest trends, read magazines, and search our site for the newest wedding ideas of the season.  
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We are going crazy with new wedding trends using mint in your color scheme for an upcoming spring wedding. Mint weddings are fresh, fun,
and a great way to go with either a modern or vintage wedding theme.
The color mint was huge on the runway at the spring fashion shows this
year. You’ll see this soft, soothing color on save the dates, wedding
invitations, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and wedding decor. To make the
theme more than just the color, mint will also make its way into signature
wedding cocktails (think mojitos), cakes and cupcakes, centerpieces, and
wedding favors.

Why the sudden like for mint? The vintage trend has brought mint green
back to the forefront as it was the color of choice for many home and
personal items (such as telephones, typewriters, appliances, bathroom
sinks and tile) in the 1940s and 1950s. Pair the mint color with lemon
yellow for a beautiful, fresh color palette.

Either way, mint is a very romantic color and we love this trend! Incorporate
mint into your Cake topper, Mint dress and a Mint wreath.

Then take it a step further with your Hair piece, Mint tassle, Hair halo,
Favors and table decor. Add Mint earrings for that final touch.

The mint headpieces make a real statement! We can’t help but love the
romantic nature that mint has. Both gold and silver pair nicely with mint for
a very elegant wedding look.
Brides took to the color quickly, but not
just with apparel. Mint purses and
jewelry were also hot. We’ve noticed
more of our brides using mint colors
at their weddings than in previous
years. We see mint bridesmaid
dresses, mint décors, and a greater
use of mint colored flowers and
greens in bouquets, centerpieces,
corsages and boutonnieres.

We think mint is a refreshing color,
but we also find it very soft and
soothing.  It will be interesting to see if
the color stays trendy through the fall
and winter months, and if it will
continue to be hot next spring.
mad about mint
We're going to see a lot of lace in 2013! Lace has been a mainstay in bridal fashion for centuries, but it seems to be making a
comeback right now. From full-on lace dresses to just a touch here and there to accent a dress, lace has already started to
appear on the runway. Many designers will be showcasing classic wedding gowns with lace details like lacy cap sleeves,
illusion necklaces, contrasting color lace and more in their spring 2013 collections. Lace details in the wedding décor is
becoming a hot trend, too. Lace can make an elegant statement anywhere from the invitation to the wedding cake.
lace, lace and more lace
Paper Lanterns are elegant and exotic, and can be found in an array of colours.  This can bring an outdoor wedding (or an indoor
wedding!) to the next level.  They are a great way to add uniqueness to any themed wedding from your centerpieces to a backdrop of
your sweet table.
paper lanterns
Weddings are all about beauty, romance, and tradition. One thing which embodies all
of those things perfectly is lace. Feminine, romantic, and luxurious, lace would make
a fantastic theme for a wedding.

When your wedding theme is lace, obviously a lace bridal gown is in order. There are
so many amazing lace wedding gowns from which to choose that it might be hard to
narrow it down! An all-over lace design is exceptionally romantic, and surprisingly can
be the least busy looking. The gown could be a classic strapless design worn with
pearl bridal jewelry, a sumptuous gold lace sheath, or a simple V-neck in a creamy
ivory lace.

Lace applique is another lovely option, which is when smaller pieces of lace are
stitched onto a solid fabric as accents. This design works beautifully for very full
ballgown styles with a deep hem lace, but also is pretty as the bodice on a slim
A-line gown with an empire waist. Lace can also be beaded with pearls for more
dimension, and it looks amazing with pearl bridal jewelry. Choose a pure white lace
for a crisp and fresh look or a richer ivory for a more vintage flavor.

Lace tablecloths are a natural choice for a lace theme wedding. Layer white or cream
lace over a softly colored solid cloth. That will help the lace design to show up well.
Pretty choices for the underlayment include blush, rose, apricot, baby blue, yellow, or
spring green. The lace tablecloths would be particularly beautiful for an afternoon
wedding in a garden, a reception in a tent, or one in a charming historic inn. White
chiavari chairs would make a nice coordinate to the delicacy of the lace tablecloths.
Top the tables with breathtakingly romantic centerpieces created from blossoms
such as garden roses, peonies, French tulips, and ivy.

You can carry the lace theme throughout many of the other wedding details. Lace
printed cardstock would be ideal for the escort cards and place cards. The wedding
favors would be precious wrapped up in little pieces of lace tied with satin bows. And
of course there is the wedding cake: ask your baker to recreate the lace design from
your bridal gown around the layers of the cake. The effect will be absolutely stunning.

Romantic lace makes a particularly lovely theme for a spring or summer wedding, as
it pairs so well with pastel colors for the total wedding design. Unabashedly
feminine, timeless, and just so beautiful, a lace theme wedding is perfect for a bride
who loves all things romantic and sweet.
"Try adding lemon yellow to
your mint themed colors for
added contrast"
"If you’ve fallen in love
with the vintage lace
and vintage style
theme then you can
also incorporate it into
your table coverings
and invitations"
Looking for a fun, yet economical way to add more color to your reception space? Whether you are
having an outdoor, indoor or a tent area for your reception, paper lanterns are a great décor choice to
help create that ambiance, and to fill in any empty overhead area or plain ceiling with romantic lighting
and colors. Paper lanterns are the latest upcoming trend

Paper lanterns can come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. If you are the DYI type, try your
hand at making them on your own. Otherwise contact your local wedding supply professional. Hang
them from ceiling, from tree branches… dim any overhead lighting and let the beauty of these lanterns
create a magical setting for your special event.
"When you
purchase, ask
what type of
lights can be
used in them or
next to them.
Do not use
candle lighting
or place them
next to any
open flame"
braids are back!
Whether it’s attributable to recent hit movies and TV shows like Snow White and the
Huntsmen, The Hunger Games and Games of Thrones is hard to say, but braids will be
showing up a lot in brides’ and bridesmaids’ hair.

It’s great, because there are so many ways you can get a braided ’do. For an outdoorsy
bride, hair arranged over the head like a halo and entwined with vines is a clean and fresh
look. Brides who love chignons can have braids on the sides, leading into the bun.

Feminine and classic, braids are versatile and can go with many looks, from glamorous to
birds everywhere!
Expect to see nests, vintage bird cages and flocks of birds in décor and fashion: lovebirds sitting on top
of wedding cakes; releasing doves; favors with bird-inspired touches; and so much more.

For décor, consider having a nest bowl filled with your favorite flowers. Feathers look great in
centerpieces. Birdcages can be used for envelopes or as centerpieces, as well. Decorate with ribbons,
flowers and candles.
Since doves have been considered a
traditional favorite for weddings, why not try a
dove release instead of tossing rice, birdseed,
rose petals or bubbles when you leave the
ceremony location?
For your place cards or seating assignments,
purchase mini birds nests and fill them with
jordan almonds as "eggs" wrap each one with
a pretty slip of paper with your guests' names
and table numbers.