Have you ever heard of Shocolaate?

Florida Bride Magazine was just recently introduced to
them closely. We spoke to Owner and Founder Cristina
Vives. Between keeping up with the demands of running
a creative company at the tender age of 22 and of course
family and social life, this very impressive and inspiring
young lady is a recommended pick for our loyal readers.

Cristina and Diana at Shocolaate are hard at work
making sure your wedding is a sweet day for everyone.
New to the world of chocolate, Shocolaate has caused
quite a buzz with it’s fun and chic treats that are sure to
satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

We have to stay organized as there are always exciting
things happening at Shocolaate! Always, we plan our
days accordingly as we are an e-commerce company. We
fill the orders and everything is made fresh daily. We also
do custom orders so things change daily. We always
make sure our local shops are supplied. Marketing and
Social Media also keeps us really busy. In addition to
order fulfillment, Shocolaate participates in volunteer
Chic Sweets
Bridal Collection

It started with a glance, a thought and a
chance, his mission was clear from the
start.Their eyes met and their souls sang,
the joining of two hearts.They made plans
and grew, just how grand no one ever
knew. When making plans, he wanted
artisan pretzels and bride and groom
oreos, she said “Chocolate!” Together,
they discovered Shocolaate! Their love,
family and friendships blossomed. Each
occasion with Shocolaate became sweeter.
Blue Cupcakes:

Cupcakes have been
replacing wedding cakes.
Here are some blue covered
carrot cupcakes topped with
a blue swirled icing and
presented in a cupcake
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Dessert Table

Yellow, Pink and Gray Modern Ribbon Inspired
Photoshoot: Working with Shay Cochrane
Photography and event designer Lauren Grove from
Every Last Detail, Chic Sweets designed a table that
embodied the pink, yellow and gray color palette while
also incorporating the use of ribbons.

Rich, satin ribbon was tied around all of the vessals
and streaming ribbon in various shades pulled
everything together as the backdrop.

Photographer: Shay Cochrane Photography

Dessert Table: www.chicsweets.net

Concept and Design: www.everylastdetailblog.com
Pink and Brown Poms Dessert Table/Favors

Chic Sweets designed a dessert table for a wonderful couple, centered around pink
and brown hues. Fun poms and ribbon adorned the backdrop.

On the table, a three, tiered stand was the focal point of the table with adorable favor
boxes, filled with gum balls for guests to take home as their favor.

Photographer: Victor’s Photojournalism; www.vp-journalism.com/
Bridal Shower Popsicle Party!

From our friends at greenweddingshoes.com we couldn’t resists these delightful Bridal Shower Popsicle
ideas. Make your own popsicles for a bridal shower or even a rehearsal dinner/picnic. So many flavor options –
and if you make them yourself, you can add booze to them! We have to say they look pretty tasty and what a great
fun project since you get to help taste test each of the flavors. Here’s two of our favorite recipes to try. I hope
you’ll try one or create your own.
Sweet Treats
Wedding Cupcakes
Baked Blooms:

Crisp on the outside and soft
in the middle, this vanilla
cupcake has a array of
yellow, ivory, and pink Swiss
meringue blossoms on a
bed of buttercream.
Customize flavors or match
the colors to your palette.
Budding Beauty:

If you're craving towering tiers
and buttercream, this
staggering cupcake is proof
that you can serve cupcakes
without sacrificing those
classic-cake moments.
Chocolate Cravings:

A little decadence especially
when the words triple
chocolate are involved. Moist,
coffee-infused chocolate
cake, milk-chocolate
mousse, and a creamy
chocolate glaze combine for
a mocha moment complete
with a coffee bean.
Ten Carrots:

Here's a proposal that
doesn't require a bended
knee a mini pillow of cake
with a sweet candy sparkler
tucked on top. Moist carrot
cake, a cloud of
cream-cheese frosting, and a
smooth fondant overlay.
Glittering Cupcakes:

Glittering cupcakes -- carrot
cake with cream cheese
frosting, white cake with
lemon Swiss-meringue
buttercream, all toppped with
edible gold dust and leaf.
Mango Strawberry Mimosa Pop

• mango orange juice
• fresh strawberries
• prosecco
• 3 oz dixie cups
• small bamboo forks purchased at Target
1. Mix 1 cup of OJ with ½ cup Proscecco
2. Pour into 8 small dixie cups – should fill up about ¾ of the
way. Put in the freezer for 30 minutes
3. While those are freezing, take 5 large strawberries and
puree with ¼ cup OJ
4. Add this next layer to the popsicles along with the bamboo
forks in the center and freeze overnight
5. Enjoy!
makes 6 pops (you can easily double or triple to make more)
Mint Grapefruit Margarita Pop

• 1 ruby red grapefruit
• 2 tbsp sugar
• ½ tbsp tequila
• ½ tbsp orange liqueur
• 8 mint leaves – chopped into tiny pieces
• 3 oz dixie cups
• small bamboo forks purchased at Target
1. Place peeled grapefruit and the rest of the ingredients in
blender or food processor. Pour into cups.
2. After 1 hour, take the cups out and stick the sticks into the
center. Freeze the pops overnight.
3. Enjoy!
makes 4 pops (you can easily double or triple to make more)
Don't want to make your own?

Don’t feel like making your own pops or just not enough time? Although making them is pretty easy and doesn't
take that long, We found this cute idea from Southern Living – a glass of Prosecco with a popsicle in it! Sounds
tasty and summery to me Sure to please those Summer guests with a refreshing idea.
Dessert Shooters

Dessert Shooter Bars are one of the most
popular bars for all events including
weddings, corporate events and fundraisers.
Its all about presentation, making things look
pretty, adding the wow factor.

Entertain your guests with mini desserts. Its
fun, tasteful and a great addition to all parties
and events. What better way to have fun picking
up a dessert in a little 2 oz glass. Your table will
be created based on your theme. Our tables
are always created and are one of a kind. We
make sure that your guests will talk about it for
years to come.
Sometimes, you just don’t feel like making pie crust. And sometimes, just somtimes, you don’t feel like eating an entire
piece of pie. So what to do then when the craving hits for a taste of lemon meringue pie? Cheat, that’s what. With the
combination of homemade lemon curd and toasted italian meringue topping and crushed vanilla wafer cookies, these
little bites may just hit the spot. Best of all, they are so fast to make and perfect for summer when you don’t feel like turning
your oven on and heating up your entire kitchen or apartment.

Lemon Curd
8 egg yolks
¾ cup (1,75 dl) sugar
½ cup (1,18 dl or 1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
zest of 2 lemons
½ cup (1,18 dl) lemon juice

Italian Meringue
8 oz (227 grams) sugar
2 oz (57 grams) water
4 oz (113 grams) egg whites

30-35 vanilla wafer cookies, crushed
24 shot glasses
Lemon Curd

Combine the egg yolks, sugar, butter, lemon zest and juice in a medium
stainless sleet or glass bowl, and set over a saucepan of barely simmering

Whisk constantly until lemon curd thickens and reaches 175 degrees F.

Remove from heat and let cool, whisking every few minutes to aid cooling.

Cover with plastic wrap so the plastic touches the surface of the curd and chill
for a few hours or overnight, the curd will continue to set up as it chills.

This can be made in advance, you can store it in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks
or freeze.
Italian Meringue

Cook the sugar and water together in a small saucepan over high heat until it
comes up to 243 degrees F.

When the mixture reaches about 230-235 F, begin whipping the egg whites in
a stand mixer on medium-low speed until they are foamy.

When the sugar reaches 243 degrees F, remove from heat, and pour very
slowly in a steady stream into the whipping egg whites.

As soon as all the sugar is incorporated, turn the mixer onto high, and whip
until completely cool.
Place a small amount of crushed cookie into the bottom of each shot glass. Transfer your lemon curd to a pastry bag and pipe a small amount into each glass. Top each glass with
more crushed cookies. Transfer your meringue into a pastry bag fitted with a large plain tip and pipe a big dollop on top of each shot glass. Using a kitchen torch, carefully toast each
meringue top until they are golden brown. If you are using plastic shot glasses, be mindful just to toast the tops of the meringues, otherwise you run the risk of melting the plastic.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.