Color Palettes
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Wedding hats are back
While we're fairly certain Kate Middleton will
wear a traditional veil for the ceremony,
we've heard buzz that she might sport a
more fashion-forward hat or fascinator to the

After all, she's worn unique headpieces to
many weddings and events. While formal
hats are much more common in England
than in America (the Kentucky Derby
excluded), we're hoping this array of
Kate-inspired options will help ignite a bridal
hat trend here in the States.
Tutera’s Tips: Choosing a Color Palette

David can make anything look good.. you want purple and puke green as your
wedding colors he will make it work, but here is some advice for the rest of us!
Choosing a color palette for your wedding sets the tone of your special day.
Florida Bride Magazine has researched and set up this page to guide our
Brides with color selection. Try to keep your colors to no more than three.
Different shades of the same color can be use to give the illusion of multiple

The color palettes can be just about anything you want. Here you can click on
color palettes to enlarge and see a description.

David Tutera of My Fair Wedding also offers his tips on color palettes in this
video selection. What ever the color palette you choose have fun with it and
make sure your bring out your true self. After all it is your Wedding Day!
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