Your Rehearsal Headquarters
The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner follows the rehearsal and is usually held on the evening before the wedding.  The
family of the bride and groom plus the bridal party attend.  It is an important event and kicks off the
wedding festivities that follow. Guests at the event should dress appropriately for the special occasion.
Assume the proper attire is semi-formal if a dress code has not been stated. For women, this may mean
a dress or nice blouse with slacks or a skirt. For men, this generally means a pair of slacks with a
buttoned shirt.

Consider the venue style for the rehearsal dinner, and carry the theme of the wedding into it.  For
instance, if the couple has planned a beach wedding, they will likely have arranged for a similarly relaxed
atmosphere at the rehearsal dinner. In that case, resort wear such as a breezy, wrap-style dress for
women and light-colored slacks and polo shirts for men would be perfectly appropriate. Choose shoes
appropriate to the location and activities of the event. This is especially important for women, comfortable
shoes are also important if dancing is planned. Bring a light sweater or jacket for summer events in case
the evening gets cool.

Because it's typically the first time the bride and groom see most of their close friends and family
together, the rehearsal dinner can feel like a reunion. For a more formal dinner, or one with a larger
guest list, it helps to have a seating chart so people aren't at a loss about where to go when it's time for
the meal to be served. Furthermore, some members of the two families may be meeting for the first time,
and relatives may not be acquainted with everyone in the wedding party. Encourage conversation by
seating these people together (if you're sure they'll be comfortable), or simply make a point of
introducing them personally sometime during the evening.
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What to Wear, What to Wear...
Yes, you are wearing white for your wedding and you're thinking should I really
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You can also offer guests a variety of different
foods…think appetizers and desserts…without
breaking the bank.  

Plus, your guests can easily pop bite sized foods into
their mouths…without making a mess of themselves or
your wedding venue.

I don’t know about you, but we always avoid passed
hors d’oeuvres that are too complicated or messy to
eat with dignity.  
Mini Appetizers...
The mini food trend is super hot right
now!  Everything is cuter and more fun
in miniature.
Order of Rehearsal Dinner Toasts
The host of the dinner, traditionally
the groom’s father, starts the
toasts during dinner.  Some
gatherings have only a few toasts,
others can carry on for quite
awhile, so best to start this during
the meal.  After the host, the bride’
s family follows.  Anyone from the
wedding party and any guests may
also offer a toast, but these are
optional.  To conclude the toasts,
the couple gives a toast thanking
their parents and guests for being
a part of the evening’s festivities.
Rehearsal Dinner Guest List
Traditionally, the guest list for the
rehearsal dinner includes
everyone that was at the actual
wedding rehearsal (all wedding
party members), spouses of
anyone participating in the
wedding party, the immediate
family of both the bride and the
groom, and the officiant (and if
applicable, their spouse).

Today, many rehearsal dinners
often include out-of-town guests,
close family friends, and extended
family members.  These invitations
are purely optional, and should
only be done if the budget and
venue allows for it, and if the
couple wishes to broaden the