The Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts...
Colorful Stackable

Paloma's sugar
stack rings from top
to bottom: rubellite,
peridot, orange
amethyst, and citrine
are fun, colorful, and
stackable from
Tiffany and Co.
Great gift ideas for your Bridal Party

Looking for a special gift for your bridesmaids? Look no further. Florida Bride Magazine has pulled together several ideas from rings, to earrings, to necklaces
and bracelets, you're sure to find something each of your girls will love.
Gold Charm

14K gold with
vintage charms and
pearls from Deanna
Littell is sure to
please any
bridesmaid the
charms can be
Colorful Bangles

Bangles in different
colors from
Fragments. Great
worn by themselves
or as a group. Your
girls will cherish them
Bamboo Rings

Mish New York
bamboo band rings
in 18K rose, yellow,
and white gold with
diamond accents.
Key Necklaces

The key collection
from Tiffany and
Co. includes
different styles,
metals, and stones;
the chains are sold
Bubble Bracelet

Mish New York
urchin bubble
bracelet with
moonstones and
diamonds set in 18K
white gold.
DIY Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Of course, your bridesmaids will agree that the most meaningful and lasting gesture is being asked to fill such an important role on your wedding day.
However, it is customary (and fun) to give each of your bridesmaids a thank-you present from the heart.
Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom rubber stamps, each bearing
a bridesmaid's name in elegant script,
let you and your attendants  make a
good impression.

Ask a calligrapher to pen the women's
names, then have a specialty vendor
or office-supply store turn them into
rubber stamps.
Recipe Box

Share your favorite family recipes with your
closest friends. Annotate with recollections to
add personal flavor.

Scan and size recipes and photos with
photo-editing software, and print onto card
stock. Cut to size, and place in tins. Wrap
tins with a wide band of paper printed with a
colorful pattern (scanned vintage kitchen
linens work well).
Silk-Flower Hair Bands

Silk flowers never wilt or fade, which
makes them a fitting memento of your
wedding. Share them with your
bridesmaids by making these pretty
hair bands. Begin with a full-bodied
silk flower, such as camellias, and
attach a metal-free hair elastic with a
twist of the flower's wire stem. Clip off
any excess wire. Cover the wire by
sewing a piece of 1-inch wide ribbon,
ends folded under, to the base of the
blossom using a few stitches.
Straw Gifts

A few minutes of embroidery will turn
plain woven-grass accessories, such as
slippers or a small basket, into
keepsakes for your bridesmaids.
The decoration is made from colored
raffia, which is sewn onto the woven straw
using a large craft needle. The petals are
single, large stitches; spreading open the
crinkled raffia at the middle of each gives
it a petal shape. The flower's center can
be made with satin stitches, as on the lid,
or a tuft of four knotted strands inserted
from below, seen on the slippers.

Your bridesmaids' eyes may fill with
tears, but they'll be free of windblown
hair if you've provided pretty barrette
gifts. The barrettes start out as
inexpensive bare-metal clips. You add
Your bridesmaids' eyes may fill with
flowers or flowery buttons. Present
tears, but they'll be free of windblown
them on precut business-card paper
hair if you've provided pretty barrette
accented with colored paper cut 1/4
gifts.  date. Punch a pair of holes, and
Blooming Rings

These fabric-flower bands will be a hit
with bridesmaids. Give them out at the
shower or rehearsal dinner. Start by
snipping fabric flowers, such as the
vintage ones shown here, from their
stems. Wrap ribbon around your
finger to determine the approximate
length you'll need; cut ribbon to size,
adding about 1/4 inch for overlap.
Use a hot-glue gun to join ends
together, forming a loop, and to add
flowers to ribbon bands.
Decal Soaps

Start with bars of white soap with flat
sides and then create a custom
graphic you can make into a decal.
Here, we used a Japanese motif to
spice up the soap, but you could use
a digital image of your choice that you
design on your computer and then
print on special decal paper.
Memory Flip Book

A video of your bridesmaids dancing
at your bachelorette party or laughing
at your bridal shower can be
transformed into a keep-at-hand
photo flip book for repeated
enjoyment. Websites such as will turn a 10- to
30-second digital video clip into a
palm-size tome with pages that
re-create the big event when leafed
through quickly. Choose from a range
of sizes and custom-cover options.
For the Luxury Bridesmaid

Cashmere pajama shorts. Perfume in a bejeweled bottle. Butter-soft leather driving gloves. Nothing here is a
necessity, but to your friend who has everything, they are all necessary indulgences.

1. Candle in figuier vert, Diptyque, $68,
2. Estee Lauder private collection tuberose gardenia parfum, $300,
3. Tap shorts, White + Warren, $100,
4. Monogrammed notebook, Graphic Image, $53.75,
5. "Twist" tumblers, LBK Studio, $40 each,
6. Lacquer boxes, Pacific Connections, $59 and $77,
7. Faux shagreen pencils, Dransfield & Ross, $26, unica
8. "Princess" necklace, Suzanne Kalan, $520, Sundance Catalog
9. Topaz pendant, Suzanne Kalan, $380, Fragments
10. Driving gloves, Carolina Amato, $149,
For the Hopeless Romantic Bridesmaid

For the bridesmaid who takes time to smell the roses (and gardenias and freesias), thank her with a unique
artisanal find, such as a handmade porcelain vase, a striking photograph of peonies, or old-fashioned  
engraved calling cards.

1. Print, Kari Herer, $25,
2. Engraved gold baby disc, Ginette NY, $490
3. Pink star tourmaline ring, Jamie Joseph, $1,331,
4. "Cable knit" vase, Alyssa Ettinger, $120,
5. "Gold suitcase" card, Dempsey and Carroll, $55 for 10 with envelopes,
6. "Bicycle" card, $34 for 10; "Flying pig" card, $26 for 16; Foxglove Writing from Thornwillow Press,
7. Scented soaps, Caswell-Massey, $35 for box of 3 in various colors,
For the Gourmet Bridesmaid

If she's a foodie, she'll savor these delightful items we've cooked up for her, from gourmet sea salts to a
coffee-of-the-month subscription to steak knives that look like works of art.

1. Pierre Dubost steak knives, Laguiole, $250 for 6,
2. Truffle salt, $28; set of finishing salts, $39.50;
3. "Golden berry" champagne glasses, Roost, $16 each,
4. Rose champagne, Veuve Clicquot, $76,
5. Ice bucket and tools, $30; cocktail napkin, $3; Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's,
6. Stone spice bowls, SURevolution, $25 for similar,
7. "Milano" 14-ounce milk frother, Frabosk, $30,
8. "Ellipse" silverplate serving spoons, Calvin Klein Home, $40
9. Coffee of the month, $60 for 3 months,