Stress Free Planning

Looking for a special gift for your bridesmaids? Look no further. We've
pulled together several ideas of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets,
you're sure to find something each of your girls will love. On a budget?
We have also included some DIY gifts too!

The key to your perfect wedding begins with an open discussion with
each other about your finances.  After that, careful planning must be
implemented to be successful.  List priorities to give you a good starting
place. Whatever your financial resources are for your wedding, writing
down your budget will help you remember everything you need to
accomplish. Here are some tips to trim down your wedding budget...
Leading Planning Expert Grace is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative
talents and outstanding reputation have made her a success in the Florida arena.

Grace has established a name for herself by taking her passion for designing spectacular events
and transforming it into a brides reality. She continuously exceeds the expected with an unmatched
level of inspiration, imagination, and innovation to create the latest trends in event planning.

Today, Florida Weddings by Grace is an award winning company built from experience,
dedication and Grace’s natural talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Grace, has teamed with the staff at Florida Bride Magazine to offer her unique perspective on the
wedding experience. Her event designs range from classic and beautiful to dramatic and innovative,
while reflecting the culture of couture.

Now, Grace brings her extraordinary vision to Florida Bride Magazine.
Message in a Bottle

This escort-card display is clever and
inexpensive. To create it, purchase a
miniature cork-topped vial for every guest
(steer clear of tapered necks, since they
make note-removal difficult). Write the
name on one side of a 2x3-inch piece of
paper and the table number on the other.
Roll up the paper and slide it into a bottle
with the name facing outward, and cork it.

Then fill a shallow glass dish with sand, and
arrange the bottles so that the writing is
visible. Lastly, scatter in small seashells.
Note: For large events, use several dishes
and organize by letter.
Floral Gown

A full luxurious rose accents the bodice of
this two-piece ensemble by Carolina
Herrera; a ruffly petticoat peeks from
beneath the skirt. The bouquet is a mix of
pink and cream lisianthus.

A wedding favor can be almost anything: beautiful
or preciousl. And the best part is that a favor need
not be elaborate to be expressive.

We've got plenty of creative ideas to help you give
your guests a memorable token.
Planning Ideas

Etiquette situations with your Reception, Guest
List and Destination Wedding Dos and Don'ts. If
your relatives or friends are engaged to be
married, their fiances (or fiancees) must be
invited; their live-in romantic partners must be as
Celebrity Planners Tips
David Tutera

American celebrity wedding planner, who has been awarded Best Celebrity
Wedding Planner by Life & Style magazine, knows a thing or two about
weddings. Having worked with stars including Jennifer Lopez and Elton John, he
has the best event and wedding advice in the business. On couples planning
their big day, Tutera says "they have to tell a story, there has to be personality
and heart." He advises couples not to be too safe and to instead "step outside
the box". He says brides can often be nervous that they’re going to do something
wrong but instead he advises that they should make their wedding "interesting
and make it about them." Sounds like good advice to us!
Mindy Weiss

Pink, Eva Longoria and Gwen Stefani are just some of the A-list names that this
much adored after event planner can call her clients. Mindy Weiss has planned
some of the biggest weddings in the industry, including that of Katy Perry and
Russell Brand, and Heidi Klum and Seal. But what advice does Weiss have to
offer? She stresses the importance of communication; "It's really important that
you're honest with each other as a couple during the wedding planning process."
She also feels that personality, detail and entertainment are key to weddings.
Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood is an "award-winning, internationally acclaimed British luxury
wedding planner and best-selling bridal author". She is considered Britain's most
sought-after wedding planner and is the author of the highly acclaimed Wedding
Bible, which has helped countless brides plan their dream day. Sarah outlines
"the big five" decisions for those starting out on their wedding planning journey;
how will you get married; where would you like to get married; when would you
like to marry; who will you invite and how much can you afford to spend? Her top
tips include; "Delegate what you can to friends and family who have skills in
areas you need help with" and "Do not hire anyone or anything until you have
seen or sampled their wares".
Colin Cowie

With big names including Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey under
his belt, Colin Cowie has seen it all when it comes to event planning and
weddings. His wedding designs are creative and artistic, but no matter how
beautiful your wedding day looks, Colin Cowie feels that "the comfort of your
guests is most important … How you treat your guests and make them welcome
is more important than the food you serve or the dress you wear." He is known
for his attention to detail and his focus on what he calls the "JDM"; the jaw
dropping moment, which he feels every wedding should have.
Preston Bailey

Event and wedding planner to the stars, Preston Bailey, is behind some of the
most memorable weddings in the celebrity world. He has worked with the likes of
Jennifer Hudson, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Donna Karan.
His big tip is to keep things simple and to remember that your wedding is a
celebration; "relax, stay in the moment and have a good time." He also likes his
clients to remember that they can’t have it all. He advises to prioritize your most
important features and focus on those, otherwise wedding planning and ideas
can easily spin out of control.
Tips from our Editor