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Kim Fontaine owner of Clickety Chicks
Brides have their hearts set on certain colors and although their mother’s jaws drop, the girls say “No one sees
them anyway”. They will have it their way, whether it’s comfy or colorful. Also the bride has to have the dress
shot, so you have dresses hanging in the oddest places. For instance; dresses hanging in trees, windows, on
barns, in bars, on wall art, archways, gazebos and the personalized bridal hangers for those without all of the

Story Telling

The vintage trend was huge for a while and it’s still sort of out there but more people are going for the grunge
tough guy/hard girl, tennis shoe wearing, sexy “day after”, not your mother’s wedding photos anymore look.
Story telling is big whereas it used to be family style portraits then photojournalistic, now it seems it’s a hybrid of
both. The bride wants this style and you can make both the families and the bride happy by being a
photographer who can shoot both ways.

On their game!

Photographers better be on their game year round and especially the day of. It’s essential that they study other
photographers’ work but in different areas, not in their own “backyard”. Photographers need to also think about
where they will be shooting (style) and what age the bride & groom are (genres) and type of personalities (fun,
serious, intellectual) and search for those looks on Google. If we know we will be shooting an outdoor wedding,
we Google “outdoor weddings” and study the images and the lighting. Couples are also looking for a mix of black
& white with color images, but not over-processed or heavily PhotoShopped. Still we need to research and find
out “what’s in” and a lot of that has to do with the clients’ personality and where the wedding will be shot. Similarly
we’re seeing that couples wanting more raw, vivid colors and less editing, to reflect what their day was truly like.
It's all in the Shoes!

We’ve noticed that photographers have been focusing
more on details like the shoe shot. Who doesn’t want to
show off those Cole Haan Air bridal shoes? So we have
rings on shoes and on the heels in every conceivable
pose, it’s pretty much the requisite on the shot-list
these days. And speaking of shoes; the colors!

Backdrops have become huge. Whether
it is behind the head table or for a photo
booth, backdrops will continue to grow in
popularity. They can be beautiful yards
of lace, strips of multi colored fabric, or
floral garlands hung vertically. And all of
these are great DIY projects.
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