Honeymoon Fashion
A maverick in the truest sense of the word, Colin Heaney is a prolific artist creative, colourful
and multi dimensional. His expression crosses two and three dimensional forms: glass, textiles,
architecture, sculpture, furniture and graphics.

For over 25 years he has been one of the worlds most celebrated glass artists. He ran
Australias largest glass blowing factory between 1982 and 2005.

Colins pursuit of artistic and aesthetic excellence resulted in glass designs that were almost
infinite in their variety and beguiling in colour, patterning and shape. His magnificent glass
creations feature in private and corporate international collections around the world.
Your Honeymoon: The Basics
Turning his hand to silk in 2006, Colin is now solely devoted to textile design. In the detailed process from design to the finished artwork, Colin fuses his own
wonderment of the digital world with the patterning and unique forms of nature. Using the latest digital technology to achieve his artistic vision, elements of
Colin’s vibrant glass practice leap directly onto the silk. He creates elaborate designs that weave layer upon layer of intricate colour and patterning, which are
then transformed into wearable art.
Too often, a honeymoon takes a backseat to all the wedding planning. But
shouldn’t you give it just a little more attention? After all, the wedding is for
your family and friends, but the honeymoon is just for you. It’s a time to relax
and reflect, but most of all enjoy each other.

Here are the basic things you need to know:
Decide on a Honeymoon Budget:

You may have already decided this when planning your wedding budget. If not,
sit down and do this before you decide anything else. Figure out if you have
any frequent flier miles or hotel miles that can be used towards your trip.
Consider putting all of the wedding expenses on a credit card that earns
frequent flier miles for your honeymoon. (Be sure to pay it off every month –
you don’t want to start a new marriage with a ton of new debt.)

Decide When to Go and For How Long:

First, figure out how many vacation days you have accrued, and how many of
them you’ll need before the wedding for last minute planning. (It’s not
uncommon for brides to take a week off, and grooms to take a couple of days.)
Do you want to leave the morning after your wedding? Or, do you want to have
some time after the wedding to unwind and pack when you’ll be more focused
on it, and take your honeymoon a few days or even a few weeks later? Another
option, for those who don’t have a lot of vacation days, is to take a weekend
“mini-moon” after the wedding, and then take a long second honeymoon on
your first anniversary.

Decide Where to Go on Your Honeymoon:

Each of you should take a few minutes to separately write down what you
envision doing on your honeymoon. Do you want somewhere warm or cold? Do
you want to go someplace far away and new, or someplace close to home? Do
you want a resort where there will be other honeymooners to socialize with, or
someplace secluded where it will just be the two of you? Do you want to be in a
city with museums, restaurants and nightlife or, do you want there to be lots of
athletic activities available? Perhaps you’ll just want to spend a lot of time in the
room! Once each of you has your list, compare. Where there are differences,
see if there’s one place that might have the best of both worlds.

Consider Visiting a Travel Agent:

While most people are booking travel online these days, a travel agent can be
extremely helpful when planning a honeymoon. Not only will he or she have
ideas about places you might not have thought of, but they’ll be familiar with
those details like “do you need a visa?” and when the rainy season is. They
might also have special packages or deals to pass on to you.

Learn More about Where You’re Going:

It’s never too early to get excited. As soon as you’ve picked a spot, buy a travel
book, so you can read about all there is to do and see.
Arrange for Passports and Visas, if Necessary. Make Sure Your Driver’s
License is Up to Date.
These pesky little details can take time and therefore are one of the first things
you should do, once you know where you are going. I’ll never forget the trip
where I got to the counter of the rental car agency only to be told that my driver’
s license had expired only days before. Luckily the person I was with could rent
the car, but I would have been better off with a little forethought.
Your Honeymoon: Shopping Basics
What to wear on your honeymoon is no doubt something any new bride or
are in the midst of putting together the biggest and one of the most
important events in your life! Understanding how  it is, we have come up
with some ideas and a check list to make it easier on you along with some
tips on how to prepare yourself.

Keep In Mind.....

You're going to be taking more photos then normal, you want to look your
best. Pack ONLY the a-list and splurge where and when you can.

You may lose weight with the stress of the wedding so be sure to have a
few sizes in your “what I am bringing” pile.

Know your destination. Is the resort casual, is it formal or what plans you
are making for dinner? All of this will help you make a plan to know what
you need to pack.

Don’t forget the sex appeal. This is your honeymoon for Pete’s Sake!
Toss out the old PJ’s and go sexy. And if sexy isn’t your style, at the very
least pack NEW pajamas!

Know your excursions. Have an idea of what you plan on doing. For
example if you plan on riding down the beach at sunset on a horse, your
going to need pants or at the very least long shorts in addition to shoes
that wont fly off.

If you plan on hiking, biking or even taking a tour via ATV, pack
appropriate clothing. Nothing could ruin your day more then having a
rash, irritated skin or blisters from a fun day. Trust us, it will put a damper
on your fun night.

Coordinate your jewelry so you can pack as light as you can but always
look hip and fresh,

Shopping Tips...

Utilize companies that promote summer and resort clothing ALL YEAR
LONG that market to the honeymoon market and they know what you

SHOP months in advance. The time of year you are getting married is
important. Especially if you want to have al news clothes for your trip do
not wait for the last minute to pull out your packing. Lay out what you think
you can use of what you have then make a plan on how to go about
acquiring all your new honeymoon styles.

Consider your destination before shopping. If you are going to an island
you will want flowing and sexy. If you are going to cold a cold weather
locale, splurge for the sexy snow suit and think classy and simple for

Buy for each other when you can and prices are right!
What to wear on a honeymoon beach getaway
When it comes to your honeymoon, it’s always a good idea to
prepare way ahead of time. That way once you get there, all you
have to worry about is lounging, relaxing and celebrating your
recent nuptials. In terms of destination, the majority of today’s
honeymooners opt to go to warm and sunny luxury beach resorts.
If you fall under that category, you’ll need plenty of gorgeous
swimsuits, cover-ups and accessories to make you feel romantic
and sexy. For any honeymoon beach getaway, you’re sure to take
plenty of photos to remember your trip, so you’re going to want to
look your best. Read on for all the essentials for a romantic luxury
beach getaway.


As a rule of thumb, anything white is perfect for a honeymoon. Not
only is white the color for brides in many Western countries, but it
also symbolizes purity, grace and innocence. Melissa Odabash is
one designer who always features gorgeous bikini sets that evoke
a sense of romance and sensuality.
On the other hand, Brazilian brands like Despi and ViX specialize in sexy yet sophisticated swimsuits with
gorgeous embellishments that pop beautifully against your skin. Finally, Sauvage is perfect for fashionable
brides who crave that glamorous beach-chic style; featuring sparkling Swarovski crystal details, Sauvage
swimsuits are elegant and perfectly chic for a beach honeymoon.

If you’re planning a honeymoon beach getaway, most likely you’
ll be staying at a resort. You’ll need a lot of cover-ups and
dresses, as they will most likely be your typical daytime outfit of
choice at the resort. Think tunics, kaftans and dresses in
fabrics that are lightweight and flowy. Both Debbie Katz South
Beach and 6 Shore Road make breathtaking cover-ups in an
assortment of styles. All styles feature unique details and
embellishments, and are made with breezy, luxurious fabrics. In
addition, Melissa Odabash makes gorgeous ready-to-wear
resort pieces that work perfectly as cover-ups or as an outfit all
themselves. In any of these designers’ styles, you’ll look and
feel sexy, sensual and perfectly romantic on your honeymoon.

Plan on packing two or three pairs of casual shorts, probably
in cotton, plus another pair, or a split skirt, that is a bit
dressier, perhaps in linen or rayon. If you plan to wear one pair
for beach-going, decide that ahead of time and keep the other
casual away from the beach, for when you need something
sand and sunblock-free.

Pack several cotton T-shirts. The tropics get, well, tropical and you may need to change your T-shirt more than once a day. Again, cotton/spandex blends
can be easily handwashed and worn again later during the trip. Consider also packing a big, cool cotton or linen shirt to wear after a hot day at the beach.
A linen or cotton shirt can be worn tucked into linen slacks one evening, then knotted at the midriff and worn over your suit or with a sarong or split skirt a
few evenings later.

Every woman knows that it’s all about the detail and certain accessories can really make or break an outfit. For any honeymoon beach getaway, make sure
to bring at least one pair of flip-flops. In addition to flip-flops, hats are essential for a honeymoon beach getaway, as they help keep the blazing hot sun out
of your face. In terms of style, go for a floppy hat; not only are floppy hats fun, but they also add a sense of elegance, mystery and high fashion to any
beach ensemble. In terms of jewelry, you want to keep it simple, so either go for a chunky bracelet or a necklace. And finally, the number one thing not to
forget for any honeymoon beach getaway is the honeymoon lingerie. Choose styles that compliment your body type and get to sizzling!