Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
Make sure you have romantic accommodations.  
Your honeymoon should not be a time to try and
save money, it’s a once in a lifetime memory.  
Bring souvenirs home with you to surround
yourself with memories of this special time.  
Losing your bag is always a worry while

Try to bring a carry on with essentials in case
your bag does get delayed.  Don’t forget your
family and friends who were a big part of your
special day.  Take some time out to remember
them by mailing a postcard with a big thank you
on it!  This is very important…make copies of all
documents.  Keep them is a safe place in case
your ID gets stolen or lost.  Organize your items
so you don’t become frustrated trying to find
things and remember to tag your bags so you
can find them easily at the airport.  

Wardrobe and shoes and looking great is a
must, but also you want to be comfortable.  
There will be so much to see and do so
remember to bring a comfortable pair of shoes.  
And, last but not least by any means have fun!  It’
s the beginning of your new lives together, make
your honeymoon a memory that will last a lifetime.
Tropical Getaways: Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii and More...
Destination Wedding Do's and Don'ts
A Taste of Europe
This gorgeous speck of land is known for its flower-lined streets, quaint
cottages, and above all for the pinkish hue of its eastern beaches.
"According to traditional etiquette, it's the party's responsbility to get
themselves to the wedding, destination or not"
At Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, which lies just eight miles southeast of
Oxford in a fold of low hills overlooking the rich water meadows of the
Thames Valley, the marriage of food, comfort, and service live in perfect
Wedding Dresses Inspired by Global Destinations
Every bride wants to look amazing on her special day and some prefer
traditional, some classic and others follow the latest trends.

Florida Bride Magazine brings you wedding dresses inspired by the
global destinations. From Hong Kong, Bermuda to Mexico these gowns
were stimulated by some fascinating locations around the world and are
simply ordained to travel.

Whether you are traveling to a particular destination or your wedding
theme is inspired by a particular region, every Bride will walk out in style
in these international stunners!
Wedding Dresses That Travel Well
Certain fabrics do not hold up well in a destination wedding dress.
Anything made of synthetics tend to uncomfortable while standing in the
warm tropical sun. Fabrics with heavy embellished jewels or beads
should be passed up.

Some fabrics just will not travel well, wrinkling beyond a quick fix with an
iron. Light weight and wrinkle-resistant fabrics should be picked for ease
of travel and packing.

Florida Bride has found these dresses that will be comfortable, light and
made of fabrics that will travel well for your destination wedding.
Destination wedding invitations
Get wedding guests excited about their trip by sending them
passport-inspired invitations like these. And because this is a folder
style, you can pack it with useful travel information for your guests, which
they're sure to thank you for.

Make every component of your invitation the same size, and wrap it all
with a band of paper.

This design, inspired by old-fashioned stickers, reflects the international
nature of the couple's courtship.
Reattach rhinestones and
beads that may have
fallen off your dress with
clear nail polish.

It can also stop stocking
runs in their tracks
Clear Nail Polish
Use the inside of a
banana peel to erase
scuffs from your guy's
leather shoes.

Then buff them to a shine
with a paper towel.
Give your diamond a real
cleaning and shining using
vodka (yes, vodka!) and a
To keep hosiery from
sticking to your dress, rub
over them.

Toss one in your luggage,
just in case (it'll freshen
your clothes).
Dryer Sheets
Zipper stuck? Lip balm
or hand soap can
loosen it.
Lip Balm
Baby powder is great for
treating dress stains.
Sprinkle on to absorb oil
from spots, then brush
off with a white cloth. It's
also useful for hiding the
residue of wine and
makeup stains after
you've used
stain-removal wipes.
Baby Powder
Caribbean Why Go's
The Philippines is often overlooked by travelers.
Instead of Thailand, head out to the remotest
Filipino islands and get the most out of the private
setting, gorgeous backdrop and rich culture. Islands
such as Palawan, Puerto Galera and Boracay are
teeming with gorgeous sandy beaches and emerald
green mountains.
Seychelles in this exotic Indian Ocean archipelago,
expect turquoise waters similar to that of the
Caribbean Islands, without the flashy resorts and
tourists. With over 100 islands, couples can go lush
foliage the next or scuba diving in its deep waters.
This is definitely our top choice for a perfect blend of
relaxation and wildlife-watching.
Unusual Destinations
Nothing can soothe the
stress of nuptial
planning like warm
Caribbean breezes,
silky sand and sky blue
And even if you don’t pick an island all-inclusive, you’
re still in the Caribbean, a region that thrives on
passion. Use our list to assist your choice of the
perfect honeymoon destination.