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When shopping for a
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Grooming and
Wedding Stress: What Can You Do?

The clock’s ticking. Your mailbox is overflowing with RSVPs. Your nails look like
moon craters. Don’t let wedding stress start your marriage on the wrong foot.
Make time for a few new routines that will help you cruise right through to your big

Write Everything Down. Every time you think of a new idea, your brain rolls it
around until you do something with it. Keep a small notebook with you and jot
down every to-do that pops into your head.

Walk More. Take twenty minutes every day to walk around the neighborhood or
do a lap at the nearest track. Listen to upbeat music to keep the pace. Your heart
and your head will both feel less heavy.

Practice Breathing Exercises. When you’re feeling stressed, you really aren’t
getting enough oxygen to the brain. Learn some simple exercises that will
decompress you in any situation.

Drink Water. Replace the caffeine and the alcohol in your system with at least
eight bottles of water every day. Your blood vessels will relax, and so will you.
Dealing with that wedding stress...
those Super Crazy  Groomsmen
You picked them...
Organize the Bachelor Party –  Giving
with his buddies is one of the most
important things you’ll do.

Write your speech – Let’s face it: We’ve
all seen some interesting” Best Man
speeches. Your goal is for your speech
to be remembered for its classiness,
rather than for the number of many
embarrassing stories you can share
with the groom’s unsuspecting family
and loved ones.

Assist the Groom with wedding
planning tasks – Helping the groom and
his family decorate for the rehearsal
dinner, arranging the wedding
transportation, and helping out-of-town
guests with directions.

On the day of the wedding, be his right-
hand man – Starting from the time he
wakes up; you need to be at the groom’
s side, keeping him focused and on
task in case you need some extra time
to recuperate the next day.
being the best man
tips you should know
Groom Tips
Most guys are not the best of shoppers
at the best of times and so now is the
time when you should be paying
special attention to what is going on, as
we are about to make your life very easy
with these fantastic tips....
Trousers should be the right length - not too short and not too long. Jacket sleeves should allow
for one centimetre of the shirt to be seen.

Buy your shoes one month before the wedding and wear them in, as blisters are not the best
accompaniment to your first dance.

Always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone.

If you are wearing a traditional morning suit, only the groom and best man are supposed to
wear cravats. The other groomsmen and fathers should wear ties.

If you are wearing a kilt, forget tradition - undergarments are usually worn these days.

Have a professional shave and manicure the morning of your wedding.
DO NOT rush in to anything! Read lots of magazines and ask friends and those who are in the
know for advice.

Dinner shirts and black ties are normally reserved for formal evening weddings.

Morning suits are usually black for the morning and grey for the afternoon.

On some complexions an ivory shirt can look better than a white one.

Wash and iron your shirt the day before so you do not end up with fold marks and creases.    
Top Groom Tips
OK guys so it's your wedding too! Florida Bride
Magazine has not forgotten that its not always about
the Bride.

The Grooms Corner has been created specifically for
the Men.  In our articles you will find everything the
groom needs to know to prepare for his Big Day, from
classic styles to cuff links, cigars to choosing the
perfect diamond the Grooms Corner was created with
you in mind.
We have comprised a list of clothing we hope will be helpful, and make your new bride
proud of your organizational skills. Bring along a weeks worth of casual shirts, such as
short sleeves, tank tops and of course T-shirts. A great pair of jeans, she loves the way
your butt looks in them! A pullover or jacket for cool evenings. Three button shirts, they
go everywhere, Two pairs of shorts, Your bathing suit, Dress Pants, 1 or 2 depending
on your plans, Sport Jacket, One comfortable pair of walking shoes, One pair of dress
shoes, Enough underwear and socks to last a week, One pair of sandals. Pajamas
are optional! Happy Honeymoon.
necessities for him...
Wondering what to pack for your
honeymoon? Your bride has her
suitcase filled, but you are in a
quandary of what to take. Well, worry
no more!
Cool Groom
If your groom likes a little color, he’ll love these styles
(especially the plaid ones). And whether you’re planning
a summer wedding with a bright color palette or an
elegant fall wedding with warm, rich colors, there’s a bow
tie to coordinate with your wedding style and your
bridesmaids dresses too!
be a cool cat...
Who doesn’t know this
infamous figure? With his
taste for the finer things in
life, it is not uncommon for
him to be sporting a
tuxedo while he saves the

However, there is
something a bit
uncommon in this picture
and that is James Bond
sporting a Midnight Blue
Time for some serious Male Bonding
There are many old traditions
still visible in today’s modern
wedding. One of the most
obvious are the groomsmen
standing next to the groom.