You're Engaged! Now What?
Call Your Relatives

Engagement DOs and DON’Ts start almost the
second you say yes. Your first task? Sharing the
exciting news with the world. No matter how tempting,
it’s an engagement no-no to not pick up the phone
and call your family members and friends. All of them.
No one likes to be the last to know—and getting the
news via mass e-mail, Twitter update or Facebook is
especially bad.

Today, bridal showers have
morphed into a festive way
for the bride’s female family
and friends to grab some
girl time before the Big
Coosing your Wedding Gown
The Choice is Yours
Choosing the gown

Choosing a gown is
one of the most
important decisions a
bride will make
Congratulations, this is one of the most exciting
parts of your wedding experience!
He finally asked the big question. He's gone over how he was
going to do it for a long time and is just waiting for the word YES
from you, and you said it. This is the beginning of your new lives
together, and what an experience it is going to be! Prepare
yourselves for the most memorable time of your life!
You’re Engaged! Now What? The Things You Need to Do Right After You Get the Ring
Get Your Ring Sized

Your stunning sparkler is perfect in every way, except for
the size (or maybe it’s a little tight). Get it resized ASAP
after all, you’ll be showing it to everyone and the last thing
you want is to lose the thing an hour after you get it. The
process can take just a few hours or, at most, a few days
Engagement Ring
Set a Date

After “congratulations” and “let me see your ring,”
here’s the first thing people will ask: “When’s the
wedding?” It’ll save you lots of headaches if the two of
you come up with a vague-yet-specific answer, like “We’
re shooting for early in the year” or “We like the idea of
next fall.” People appreciate feeling like they’re in the
Create a Wedding Website

Now that you’ve told everyone the good news (on the
phone), set up a wedding site to keep everyone apprised
of your nuptial news. Post photos, write your “how we met”
story, have a guestbook—make it as personal and
interactive as you want. Get the bare bones up first; later
on, you can get fancy with wedding details, hotel advice,
maps, quizzes, daily thoughts and whatever other wedding
whimsies you want to share.
Engagement website
Plan a Night Out With Just Your Fiancé

Until the celebrations and parties and wedding are
finally over, there’s not going to be much “just the two
other now—and make it a point not to talk wedding
details. Yes, there’s a ton to do, but for now, it’s
perfectly OK to hit the town and celebrate—just you
and him.
Ask Your Parents for Their Ideal Guest Lists

Before you start putting a number on how many guests
you want, it’s time to ask both your parents about whom
they’d most want to invite. Be sure to tell them this is just a
preliminary list and things might change—it’s on paper, not
set in stone. After you have their “dream” lists, you can
add and edit and trim. Helpful hint: Ask them to help
prioritize their wish list by breaking it into tiers—it’ll help
you make cuts later on.
Wedding Guest List
<< Simple Solitaire

A solitaire engagement ring whether the
cut is princess, While your bauble will
look lovely alongside nearly any
wedding band, we recommend pairing a
simple solitaire with a thin pavé
diamond band for an extra dose of
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
<< Pavé Band

If your engagement ring features an
eternity or half wedding band to let
your sparkler take center stage.
<< Three-Stone

Pair your three-stone engagement ring
with a band featuring similarly cut
From top: Platinum engagement ring
with tapered baguette side stones and
emerald-cut diamond center stone.
Falling in Love..Engagement Ideas
Wedding Proposal ideas
In the heart of winter when everything looks so white, a little bit of red shines through reminding us that
a very special day is approaching.  A day in the middle of February, one of the coldest months up
north, when thousands of couples will begin their plans for their future lives together. February 14th,
Valentines Day is a day when young and old alike can share stories of their engagement, each of
them unique and very special.  We have compiled a list of some very interesting and creative ways for
you to propose to your future fiance and take your first steps toward the words “I do.”
Looking to get a little creative with your proposal ideas?

Florida Bride Magazine asked our Florida Brides to share creative
ways that their soul mates asked for their hand. We compiled some of
the top from our list to inspire you.
Bridal Showers
All about the Bling!
Want a smooth walk down the aisle? Here are
some wedding etiquette tips to make your
wedding ceremony one to remember.

Your wedding ceremony is the moment you've been
waiting for! If you're not doing city hall vows, chances
you have technical concerns to work out. Such as can
my dog participate? In what order do the kids in the
bridal party walk down the aisle? Can I walk down the
Aisle alone? Is it OK to have a short break before my

To help you have that flawless ceremony we answered
some of the most pressing questions concerning the
proper ceremony etiquette. These tips can help work
out some of the most common questions Brides have
when it comes to their ceremony Do's and Dont's.
Wedding Etiquette Tips: The Wedding Ceremony
Tasty morsels to spice up your event...
Most Common Wedding
Mistakes Couples Make

Read about them now
accompanied by photos of real
weddings that got it right—so you
can avoid them later!