Donnie Brown - Weddings
Donnie Brown Weddings
A couples wedding day is the most stressful
of their lives. So how has wedding planner
W. Donnie Brown, JWIC survived more than
2,500 of them?

He has a secret weapon. “I try to use humor
on a day-to-day basis,” he says. “I think
humor makes the day far more fun.” Brown’s
warm and wacky sense of humor has done
more than just smooth over nuptial nerves:
it’s also made him a reality TV star. Fans of
the Style Network’s top-rated reality show
Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? tune in
regularly to watch Brown and other big-city
wedding planners pull out all the stops to
give couples the weddings of their dreams.

With his clever one-liners, gregarious
personality and goofy on-camera antics,
Texas native Brown has quickly become a
fan favorite.

“I let things come out of my mouth that
generally stun everyone around me,” the
energetic planner admits, laughing.

Brown’s mix of TV-ready charisma and calm
professionalism was exactly what producers
were looking for when they came to Dallas in
2002 looking for wedding planners for a new
reality series.
What can we say about Donnie Brown
that hasn
't been said before?  

Well, I could begin by saying what a
warm and inviting spirit he has, and
how easy he made it for me to sit down
and interview him.

With his gracious Texas personality
and ability to make you laugh, it was
easy to feel like I wanted to smile when
I was around him.

Florida Bride Magazine put together a
group of questions to ask Donnie and
he shares his thoughts on celebrities,
planning and our Florida Weddings.

Read the full interview...
Whose Wedding is it ANYWAY
The Interview
Donnie Brown Weddings
Because you never know what you might see Brown do during the hour-long show — whether it’s making a
nervous bride giggle by bursting into a silly song, mugging for a photographer while he’s setting up, or waltzing
giddily through the aisles of a floral expo.
“I am constantly trying to come up with crazy things to do that will lend themselves to the matters at hand, but
make people laugh in the process,” he says.
Donnie Brown Weddings
Whose Wedding is it Anyway
Donnie Brown Author
Donnie Brown Author
from Couture to the Cake
First, a bride-to-be needs a groom.
Next, and almost as important, she
needs the expert assistance of
celebrity wedding planner Donnie
Brown. Although other wedding
planners may excel at arranging for
the flowers, caterer, and music,
Donnie stands alone in the charm,
good humor, and calm
professionalism he brings to a truly
demanding job.
That easygoing attitude, which shines through every page of this