DIY Weddings
Bridal Shower Towel Cake

Supplies Required:
2 Bath Towels
Decorative Soaps
2 Hand Towels
String of Pearls
2 Wash Cloths
Small Wedding Rings
Narrow Ribbon
Small Silk Roses
Large Silk Flowers
Cake Plate on Pedestal
Carved Soap or Candle for Topper
DIY Weddings
Creative Seating Cards
Preserving Your Top Wedding Cake Tier

Some cakes freeze better than others. The more
delicate the cake ingredients, the drier your cake will
become in the freezer.

Consider Ordering A Copycat Cake

If you have a cake that won't hold up in the freezer,
do as many couples do and order a fresh cake tier in
the same flavor as your original wedding cake for
your one-year anniversary. Even if you have a
heartier cake, Sylvia Weinstock, of Sylvia Weinstock
Preserving your cake tier
DIY Weddings
DIY Country Crafts
Favors in Bloom

Create a country craft with flower seeds and your
wedding guests will fondly remember your wedding
day when their flowers bloom. Purchase
bandannas in colors that complement your country
wedding theme. Buy a mixture of wildflower seeds
from your local home and garden store or nursery.
Scoop a half cup of seeds into the center of the
bandanna. Gather all four corners of the
bandanna and twist them together. Secure the
ends with a piece of ribbon that matches the
DIY Wedding Favors
Country Cooking

Purchase recipe cards
with a country motif.
Hand print a favorite
recipe on one side and a
poem about the "recipe
for a perfect marriage"
on the other side.
Package small amounts
DIY Country Wedding Favors
DIY Weddings
Ceremonies on the beach usually include a
"sand ceremony" where the bride and vase
married at.  This variation of the sand
ceremony is meant to include the couples
guests, and used as a party favor for them.  

The couple should purchase small clear glass
vases with a top to seal the sand in to prevent
it from spilling.  Prior to the wedding day visit
the beach and scoop sand into all of the vases
and seal.  Tie a personalized decorative
ribbon on it with your names and wedding date.
DIY Wedding Favors
Candy Spoons

Everyone loves a
candy spoon to stir
their coffee or tea.
Easy and inexpensive
to make, they are
great wedding favors

Buy clear glass Christmas ornaments at a
craft supply store as well as craft sand.
Remove the tops from the ornaments and fill
them with sand. Add small seashells or tiny
colored pebbles in the wedding colors. Using
craft paint, mark the wedding date on the
outside of the ornament. String ribbon in a
complementary color through the wire
hanger. For another variation of these clear
DIY Wedding Favors
Rachel Ray Wedding Ideas
The ladies at Rachel Ray were kind enough to share
this unique centerpiece they created with us.

Who would have thought that a little box of jello could
turn out to be such a unique centerpiece for a

What you will need: Jell-o, Water, Vase, Flowers
Combine six boxes of jell-o with half of the
amount of water specified.  

Chill in the glass vase you have chosen for half
an hour. Push flowers into the semi-firm gelatin
and there you have it.  Your very own
one-of-a-kind centerpiece!
Rachel Ray Wedding Ideas
DIY Beach Bouquet

Walk down the aisle with this cluster of bivalve blooms and your
wedding will go swimmingly. The breathtaking posy is easier to
construct than you'd think -- it's simpler than making a flower
out of silk. Noble pectin singles, Caribbean Imports.

Tools and Materials
7-inch length of floral wire
Floral tape
Hot-glue gun
Hot-glue sticks

Wrap a 7-inch length of floral wire with floral tape; form one end
of each into a loop or a small spiral. Use a hot-glue gun to
attach the loops to the backs of the shells.

Assemble the shells into a bouquet, placing the small round
shell in the center and arranging the petal-like ones around it,
starting with the smallest shells. Use floral tape to secure each
stem as you add it, and bend the wire stems to make the shells
flare away from the center.

Once finished, tie a pretty ribbon around the stems and you've
got a beach-ready bouquet.
For the petals, we used 24 noble pectin singles from Caribbean
DIY Wedding Bouquet
DIY Wedding Bouquet
DIY Weddings
DIY Weddings
DIY Weddings
Whats Your Wedding Style?

Casual Beach
The Landing, a boutique hotel on scenic Harbour Island, Bahamas,
sparked some sophisticated tropical touches for this island celebration.
Vintage-looking dishware and antique doilies from a local thrift store
add charm to each place setting. Place cards are secured onto pieces
of twisted wire and displayed in vintage bottles.
We love the idea of bridesmaids carrying clusters of white carnations
inside black and white fabric "handbags" instead of bouquets.
Bride's bouquet of White Giant carnations and Christle Clow calla lilies
is arranged in a woven cuff crafted from a Crate & Barrel place mat.
Cakes in New York, recommends storing cakes for no longer than two months,
and forgoing the first-anniversary tradition. Like anything else, after a year in
the freezer, any cake will be a bit stale. If you do decide to save your cake for
the full year, focus on the nostalgia, not the flavor.
from the ornament, and pour small amounts of the varying colors
inside---one at a time. As you pour each color, swirl the paint around a
glass ornaments, buy craft paints in the wedding colors. Remove the top
little bit, which creates a tie-dyed effect. Add a complementary ribbon
and attach a label to it with the bride and groom's name and the date of
the wedding.
of spices or herbs (choose one that is needed in the recipe) in
tiny plastic bags (available at craft supply stores) and tie closed
with a gingham ribbon that corresponds with the wedding colors.
Attach the recipe card to the spice packet. Dollar stores are the
perfect place to buy spices very inexpensively.
Attach a small card to each ribbon with the names of the bride and groom and the
date of their country wedding. Use a hot glue gun to attach a small flower applique
to each card.Another option along the plant and flower theme involves purchasing
very small terracotta pots and filling each with soil and a tiny live evergreen. (Your
local nursery can fill the order for the evergreens, provided they are notified in
plenty of time.) Wrap the pot in a piece of decorative cellophane, and tie with a
country gingham ribbon. Affix a pine cone to the ribbon with a hot glue gun.
DIY Beach Bouquet
and can easily be created in an afternoon. Dip
plastic spoons into melted chocolate, and garnish
with candy sprinkles or colored sugar crystals.
Wrap in decorative cellophane and tie with a bow.
Add a tag printed from your computer that displays
the name of the bride and groom, as well as the
wedding date.
DIY Save the Date Ideas
Their purpose is literally to ask guests to "save
the wedding date" and not book another event
on that date.

Save the dates are usually sent out six months
to a year before the wedding. They are
especially important for a destination wedding,
a wedding with a large number of out-of-town
guests, or a wedding around a holiday.

Save the Dates provide guests sufficient time
to make travel arrangements, and may even
include information about the nearest airports
and hotel blocks.

It is proper etiquette that anyone receiving a
Save The Date will also receive a formal

You should include all pertinent information as
to the time of your event and any details for
travel arrangements. Here are some great DIY
save the dates to help you express your
personal style.
DOY Wedding Fans
Printed Fans

These printed fans
are perfect for that
outdoor or beach
themed wedding.
They are sure to
keep you guests cool
during the ceremony.

Print your ceremony
time line on the front
so you guest can
follow along.
Unique Guest Book Ideas
On your wedding day, you will be surrounded
by your closest friends and family. What a
wonderfully rare opportunity to create a
keepsake by those that mean the most to

As you preserve the memories of your special
day with keepsakes such as photo albums and
videos, don't limit your memories to those you
experience directly. Capture your guests'
experiences so you can relive your wedding
through your loved ones' eyes too.   By re-
purposing the tradition of the wedding guest
book, you can have a guest book, keepsake
and family heirloom all in one.  

Who doesn’t want a wedding where your
guests keep talking about your wedding long
after it was over?!  There are so many
different ways to create an amazing wedding
day experience and capture the memories -
from photo booth rentals with props, to finger
print art, to messages on old typewriters.  You
don’t have to fit within the four corners of a
book - the guest book alternatives and
inspiration are limitless!
DIY Decor - Table settings, centerpieces and more...

With so much mixing and matching of patterns, this is a great
opportunity to make a statement with bold monochromatic
arrangements and table settings hat really stand out...
Escort Flags
Each table was decorated with a
different hand-sewn runner that
matched the fabric on the escort flags,
made by the bride.
Heart Escort Cards
These three-dimensional escort cards are as
easy to make as they are refreshing to look at.
At first glance, they appear to have been blown
onto the table by a warm summer breeze.
Following the instructions below, make them
using a heart-shape craft punch, bright-white
ink, scissors, glue, and paper in a range of
hues that complements your palette.
Envelope Table Assignments
Miniature envelopes holding stamped table
assignments were pinned to a fabric-covered
board propped on an easel on the lawn.
Summer Bright
Play up a beach theme with these petite
chaise lounges and parasols. Print guest
names and table numbers onto decorative
paper, and then cut out rectangles and curve
them into lounge chairs (pull the paper back
and forth along the edge of a table while
holding it taut to achieve the wave). Then
arrange them in a sand-filled tray, and adorn
each seat with a bright umbrella.
Winter Cool
Snowbanks of rock salt and frosty mountains
fashioned from torn paper dusted with a
sprinkling of glistening glitter turn an escort
card table into a magical wonderland. Glitter,
by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels, for stores.
Liezel and Christopher used petite handmade
coral and aqua quotation books as seating
cards. The couple compiled favorite sayings
about life and love and bound them in
card-stock covers with thin brown satin ribbon.
Surrounded by Flowers
Among the rows of seating cards, pink, white,
and plum-colored cymbidium orchids in glass
vases rest on a porcelain dish.
Playful Display
The design of this seating-card display is
inspired by Plinko from The Price Is Right.
Playing Card Seating Cards
The number of hearts on tented playing cards
designates table assignments. The guests'
names are on the other side.