Designer Update
Isaac Mizrahi’s Wedding Gowns for The Aisle
Brides-to-be, take note! Eight years after
introducing wedding dresses to Target, Isaac
Mizrahi is back in the bridalwear game with a
six-piece line for The Aisle, a members only
e-commerce site.
Isaac Mizrahi Gowns

on Vimeo.

“These dresses are so fabulous because they
are iconic, and brides need to be iconic on their
wedding day,” the designer said. Pieces in the
collection include an ivory peplum gown with
interchangeable belt options, and a silk
minidress with a sculpted floral bodice. Mizrahi is
no stranger to wedding dress design — besides
creating gowns for his eponymous label, he has
also sold his bridal wares at Target. While
online retail is fairly new terrain for wedding
apparel, Mizrahi isn’t worried: “The best place to
shop for your wedding gown is the privacy of
your own computer
Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2013 Bridal Collection
As Isaac would say "Darlings, here’s your pretty for the day, assuming you haven’t completely overdosed on bridal-based pretty lately."
For Isaac Mizrahi, it’s not really surprising that he dwells in an old-school Mid-Century world of ladylike romance with a hint of urban attitude. Florida Bride
Magazine had a chance to get a peek at his new collection for 2013.
Kathy Ireland for Mon Cheri
Kathy Ireland Wedding Gowns
Mon Cheri Bridals, LLC and entrepreneur and designer Kathy Ireland
have collaborated for Kathy to become the chief designer for the 2be
Bride collection. Launched for the Spring 2011 season, the new kathy
ireland Weddings by 2be designs include wedding dresses, bridesmaid
dresses and mother of the bride styles. Kathy’s longtime passion to offer
practical solutions for people in love has come to fruition in the marriage
of these two companies. With her past experience in designing bridal
jewelry for the kathy ireland Bridal brand as well as for numerous other
collections, Kathy brings a refreshing perspective and design direction to
the 2be brand.
Whether you’re a modern progressive or a classic
traditionalist, you’ll find the wedding dress or social occasion
gown of your dreams.
Kathy Ireland Fall 2013 Bridal Collection
Austin Scarlett Wedding Gowns
Austin first gained international recognition for
his designs on the original season of Project
Runway, winning the programs first challenge
ever with his famed corn husk dress.
What's trending at New York Fashion Week?
Rachel Zoe
“Style is what one creates….glamour is a state of mind.”

Rachel Zoe is one of the most influential forces in fashion today.
Raised in Short Hills, New Jersey, she was exposed at a very
young age to the worlds of contemporary art and fashion by her
parents. With her mother’s influence and access to countless
designer treasures, she developed a very strong passion for
vintage and all things glamour. After completing her degree at
George Washington University where she studied psychology and
sociology, Rachel moved to New York City to take on the fashion
capitol of the world. She started her career as a fashion assistant
at a New York based fashion magazine and was promoted to
senior fashion editor within two years. Seeking to diversify her
experience, she began to work directly with top pop stars and
actresses to create their images and continued to work as a
contributing editor to numerous fashion magazines.
Michael Kors
Mr. Kors began his career in fashion at the age of 19 designing
and merchandising a collection for the renowned boutique Lothar’s
in New York City. The success of these clothes caught the
attention of the fashion press, prompting Kors to strike out on his
own. In 1981 the Michael Kors label was formed; since his
collection was established, it has never strayed from Kors’ initial
vision of chic, luxurious American sportswear.

Celebrities who have worn Mr. Kors’ clothes include Angelina Jolie,
Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Kate
Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Kate
Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Angelica Huston, Jennifer
Hudson & Debra Messing. In March of 2009, First Lady Michelle
Obama chose a Michael Kors gown for her first official portrait;
Mrs. Obama continues to wear Michael Kors on a regular basis.
Louis Vuitton
The Louis Vuitton collection marked the final day of Paris Fashion
Week. And this season, instead of trains or merry-go-rounds or
other feats of people-moving mechanics, Marc Jacobs ferried his
models two-by-two onto the runway via escalator, as though they
were creatures ascending Noah's Ark (or an annoying couple at
the mall who can't bear to part hands while moving between
floors). This was no normal escalator, of course — its steps were
decorated with yellow and white vertical stripes, which created a
bright moving backdrop for the checkerboard runway.

Each girl was loosely coordinated with her pair partner both would
wear different variations of a yellow and white checkered pattern,
for example, or a brown and white print that at first glance
resembled cow hide but then turned out to be a graphic floral
prints. There were clear connections between the bright, mod
graphics and what Jacobs showed in his eponymous collection a
few weeks ago. We also saw lots more model abdomen peeking
out between low-slung skirts and boxy tops that hit at the waist.
Florida Bride Magazine had the opportunity
to view the latest collection from kate spade
New York " Wedding Belles " Her designs
truly rise above the traditional and reflect the
beauty that every woman feels on her
wedding day.
If you want to have a vintage inspired
wedding celebration, you could pick up one
of the Chanel wedding gowns to dress you
for this special occasion.
An unparalleled fixture
in the fashion world,
Rachel Zoe is a
distinguished stylist,
editor and designer,
renowned for her
effortless take on
glamour. Having
immersed herself in
fashion and design for
nearly two decades,
Rachel has been
heralded as one of the
most influential forces
working in fashion.
Oscar Lopez
Florida Bride Magazine had
the opportunity to meet with
winner of Project Runway's
Under the Gunn Oscar
Lopez of Coral Gables. His
designs truly transcend the
traditional gown and reflect
the beauty of every woman
who wears his creations.