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Amazing Wedding Cakes Season 3 - Episode 3
Marjie struggles with a topsy turvy cake of her own design.
Wedding Cake Boot Camp
Sitting down with your future hubby for a decadent cake tasting is one of the best perks of
wedding planning. But it’s important to know a little wedding cake lingo to help you make the
right decisions when it comes to your big day dessert! Is fondant for you, or will buttercream be
better? From icing options to the decorative details, get schooled on these key cake words:

Fondant is a very popular icing choice for wedding cakes. Its consistency is smooth, firm and
elastic. Made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin, fondant is rolled out and then draped over a cake
creating a porcelain finish. Fondant keeps a cake fresh for days and can withstand heat (take
note summer brides!). Known for its durability, fondant can be molded into beautiful decorative
accents, creating a modern, sleek wedding cake design.

Unlike firm fondant, buttercream is a soft, creamy icing that easily smooth's over a cake. This
blend of sugar, eggs and butter is a delicious, versatile wedding cake finish. Buttercream is the
perfect consistency for decorating and fillings as well. But beware of extreme heat! If you’re
having an outdoor summer wedding, light, fluffy buttercream frosting may not be the best choice.

Denser than mousse, this rich mixture of chocolate and heavy cream can be used as a glaze,
filling, or spread over an entire cake as icing. Brides and grooms who love their chocolate will
really go for ganache!

Bakers use piping techniques to add detail to their wedding cakes. A pastry bag is used to
squeeze frosting through a narrow opening to create beautiful decorative designs like petals,
flowers, leaves, rows of dots, swirls, and more. Piping can create dramatic designs over the
entire cake, or add subtle, sweet details. It’s all about your personal style. So be sure to discuss
the look and feel you’re going for with your cake maker.
from icing options to the decorative details
Editors Choice Wedding Cake of the Month
A blog from the Editor of Florida Bride Magazine
Choux Cake Studio is a custom cake bakery in
Jacksonville, Florida. They focus on providing
outstanding design, amazing taste, and
individualized service.  From the smallest
intimate gatherings to full-blown galas, they can
provide the perfect cake centerpiece for any

This cake was completely covered with crystal
sugar and decorated with handmade
sugarpaste flowers. The large focal flower was
based on the design of the bride's gown. The
currently popular diamond ribbon was used in a
unique way to recreate details from her
Cake Ideas to Steal - Put a fresh spin on a tried-and-true
favorite to make your cake a crowd-pleasing standout, like this
minty grasshopper cake, served with delicious milkshakes.
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Back to Buttercream

Buttercream was once the traditional frosting for wedding
cakes, but sleek cakes came into favor, and rolled fondant
became the frosting of choice. Not any more - thanks to
advanced tools and techniques that allow buttercream to look
as smooth as fondant, cakes iced in buttercream are again
the norm. We love this trend, since buttercream frosting
tastes better, has natural ingredients, and costs less than
fondant. Now you can literally have your stylishly sleek cake
and eat it too.
Chocolate Face

Brides have bucked the traditional white wedding cake for
the last few years, but today´s brides are no longer hiding
appearances sake. Dark chocolate is now front and
center on the face of the cake, as chocolate or mocha
cakes are appropriately decked in chocolate mousse or
whipped chocolate frosting. The result is a full blown
chocolate dessert that tastes as good as it looks.
Blue Rules

Shades of blue dominate the 2009 wedding décor palette,
and your wedding cake is a perfect canvas to incorporate this
hot shade. Consider a cake saturated in turquoise, periwinkle,
or even navy, and embellish it with complimenting colors like
silver, white, grey, lavender, or yellow.
Square Mini Cakes

Cupcake towers in lieu of wedding cakes have been
around for awhile, but brides are making cupcakes
interesting again by playing with shape and size. Brides
are stacking square shaped mini-cakes (slightly larger
than cupcakes) adorned with flowers or dressed as
presents for a completely different take on the cupcake
Think Pink

Pink – the perpetual hot color for weddings – had begun
to fall out of favor as brides experimented with more non-
traditional hues like browns, grays, orange, and even
black. But pink is back in a big way, and brides are
incorporating the hue into their wedding cakes. Pink
instantly freshens-up classic white: Tone down an all
pink cake with white floral or lace details, or dress up a
white cake with pink embellishments.
Scripted Text

Wedding cakes adorned with calligraphy-style motifs and
writing is one of the year´s hottest trends. Create an
antiqued look with black writing on a white or ivory cake,
and get creative with the text. Some options? Write a
favorite poem or verse, your wedding vows, or words
representative of your wedding theme - such as names of
flowers for a garden wedding or types of shells at a
beach wedding.
Sylvia Weinstock
Sylvia Weinstock, that
incredible baker of celebrity
cakes, has some tips for
selecting the perfect wedding
cake and it makes sense!
When planning a special
event, it’s hard enough
deciding on the guest list and
décor, but equally important is
choosing a tasteful dessert
that has visual appeal.

Do you want a cake that is
classic and traditional, or
edgy and bold with a bit more
visual impact. Sylvia shares
her tips for that perfect cake.
Choux Cake Studio
Beautiful Elegant Cakes
These beautiful and elegant
cakes are the latest in fashion
cake designs. These wonderful
designs take inspiration from
the Brides wedding decor, her
dress and so much more.

Jeweltoned café wallpaper from
the 1950s led blogger and
former cake designer Carrie
Sellman to craft these
eyecatching tiers covered with
mod fondant blooms.
Wedding Cake
A Moment with Ron Ben-Isreal
Your color scheme for the wedding has the
power to set the vibe – so choose wisely.
Focusing on the color theme early on is
important to ensure that everything else
obtained for the wedding is well coordinated
and suited to the wedding as a whole. The
colors are completely up to you but you will
need to take into account where you're getting
married, and the formality or informality of
your ceremony and reception. The complexity
or simplicity of color schemes are another part
of your decision and these will depend on your
personal preferences, budget, and patience!
Here are the top determining factors to
selecting your hues.

Talk with your future spouse about your
favorite colors. Think about which colors you
would most like to have on your cake. If you
have different opinions, compromise on some
color combinations.

Speak with a decorator about your cake. With
the designs and decorations you have in
mind, ask their opinion as to what would be
the most suitable colors for your cake.
Cakes by Color and Theme -
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Six New Wedding Cake Trends
Unique Cake Toppers
Beyond the flowers, clinking of glasses,
the dress, what tops off the event is a
unique wedding cake topper.

These unique wedding cake toppers
run the gamut from ornate jeweled
designs to abstract sculpted figurines
and designer personalized wedding
cake toppers. You may be surprised
what inspires you.
Cake Toppers
Ron Ben-Israel
As chef-owner of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, one of the
country’s finest couture cake studios, Ron Ben-Israel
has made cakes that have been hand-delivered to
destinations throughout the continental U.S. and
Sweet Genius...
Choux Cake Studio
4458 Marquette Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32210
photo by Olis Garber
Buddy Valastro is an
accomplished fourth
generation baker born
into the business owned
and operated by his

At an early age, Buddy
showed he was a
natural by displaying his
amazing talent for
baking and cake
decorating and running
a business. They
dreamed that together,
they would make Carlo’s
Bakery a household