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vintage particulars, sandbagging
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"say yes to the dress" bridesmaids headquarters
You think helping a bride-to-be
say yes to the dress is
dramatic? How about getting
bridesmaids to say yes to the
same dress?

The team at Bridals By Lori has
the dress selection to do just
that, but they'll also have to
referee a process where
friendships are lost in an
instant, brides become
bridezillas, and bridal parties
about the bride, down here in
the bridesmaids department, it's
She's the one straightening your
train during the ceremony. And
planning your bachelorette
party and entertaining your
grandma at showers. What
Superwoman do you choose?
choosing your maid of honor
If she's more uptown than
downtown or more tomboy than
girly, the typical bachelorette
party just won't do.
Here are some ideas for a good
bachelorette party prep...
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Etiquette
Can I ask my friends who aren't bridesmaids to come wedding dress shopping with me?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about whom to bring along on your dress quest. But enlisting your gal pals to
help you try on gowns when you haven’t asked them to be in your wedding sends a mixed message:
namely, that you value their input—to a point. Rather than risk hurting their feelings, go the family-only
route and ask your mom, sister, or another relative to accompany you. Just remember that the more people
you include, the more opinions you’ll get—for better or worse.
What events are mandatory for the bridal party to attend?

While you should invite your party to all of the extra events surrounding your wedding, the only ones they
should be required to attend are those directly connected to the wedding itself: The rehearsal, rehearsal
dinner if at all possible (also invite their spouses, fiances, and live-in life partners), and any pre-wedding
hair-and-makeup sessions. Attendants should place a high importance on bachelor party and bridal shower
as well, but they are not required to attend if they are unable
How do I tell a friend she won't be in my wedding party when I was in hers?

First, you’re not obligated to ask friends whose weddings you’ve been in to play a role in yours. To be fair,
give her a heads-up as soon as possible. Warmly express regret, and tell her the decision was hard to
make; then emphasize how glad you are that she’ll be there. You can also find something else for her to do
at your ceremony, or invite her to spend time with you on the morning of the big day. And dial down the
bridesmaid chatter when you talk to her.
Do the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen have to match?

Absolutely not. Choose to have people standing up with you whose presence is meaningful and important.
Ask a groomsman to link arms with two bridesmaids, task a couple of guys with escorting elderly guests, or
arrange a single-file procession. Just appoint a traffic cop to make sure everyone knows when, where, and
with whom they’re supposed to enter.
Can I ask my 'maids to help me on some DIY wedding projects?

Of course you can ask for their help but keep in mind that assembling favors or creating room decorations
isn’t actually in the job description for a bridesmaid. However, helping you with any big project is often part
of the job description of a good friend or close relative. So look at the relationship you have with each of
these women. Is this the sort of favor you regularly exchange? If so, request their assistance. Bridesmaids
have duties, but good friends help each other, no strings attached.
Do I have to ask my fiance's sister to be a bridesmaid?

You don't have to ask her, but for the sake of family harmony it's best to make every effort to include the
groom's siblings. Don't think about now. Think about the future—when you're at his family's Thanksgiving,
and you and his sisters have great wedding memories to share. The one exception? If the sibling strongly
and vocally disapproves of your union, you may, without guilt, leave her out.
Can I ask my fiance not to include one of his friends as a groomsmen?

In this case, the decision is not yours to make. Best friends are almost like family How would you feel if your
fiance didn't want your best friend as your maid of honor? For the sake of your marriage, try to learn to
appreciate his closest pal. This person has probably been a part of your groom's life for a long time and is
likely going to continue to be. If you still want to persuade your groom not to ask him to be in the wedding
party, discuss with your fiance other ways of including his friend, such as asking him to do a reading at the
How can I make sure the groomsmen don't get too rowdy?

The first person to bring these fears to is your groom. Handle the conversation carefully, because these
are his closest buddies. Be prepared with facts, and avoid slamming their character ("he gets drunk all the
time"). Once you've persuaded your groom that it's wise to head off potential trouble, he should be the one
to take these concerns to his friends as his issue (and not as yours). If alcohol is a likely factor in their
behavior, you may want to arrange for the beer or wine to be slow to arrive at their table, and their
non-alcoholic choices to be abundant. Your bartender or caterer may have other logistical solutions for you.
Top Bridesmaid Trends

Brides are getting more and more creative about how they ask friends to be bridesmaids. Think of a fun way to honor the
moment. Write a poem that ends with your request, place it in a silver frame, and mail it. Send a friend an arrangement of
flowers with a note that reads, "You've been there for me through everything please do me the honor of being my
bridesmaid!" Or, if you're feeling really creative, send them pieces to a puzzle that, when put together, spells out your
special request.

Brides are following their fashion instincts and keeping up with trends by choosing bold colors (hot pink, bright aqua, and
kelly green to name a few) either as the main dress or as clutch accents (see our clutch picks at the right)