Bridal Registry Basics
Florida Bride Magazine has compiled the best bridal registries all in one place for your convenience. Visit these sites to register for fine china, house wares, silverware, and much more.
You can even register for your honeymoon!
Registering has never been easier.

We're giving you all of our best tips, ideas, and registry checklists by style, plus
the tools to set up your wedding registry online, all in one place.

To get started, read up on our registry basics, learn all about setting up your
own wedding website, and get the proper etiquette for thank-you notes, then
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Registry 101

What other time than the months leading up to your wedding can you walk into
a department store and indulge yourself without worrying about what it will do to
your budget? More than just the ultimate shopping trip, setting up a registry is
an efficient way to let guests know which items you want to start your life

Even if you already have all the household items you need, it's still a good idea
to register somewhere. Guests who would like to buy you a gift often find such
guidance helpful.  

Some friends and relatives may want to get you a gift as soon as they hear
about your engagement, so it's best to register, at least for a few items, early
on. If you're having an engagement party or a shower, try to register at least a
month beforehand. Don't feel pressured to make all of your choices at once;
you can always go back and fill in or edit your list later.
Top Places to Register
From websites with great shopping tools to big-brand stores that have stood the test
of time, the best registries are all here. We suggest choosing five registries at the
most depending on your needs and style.

Register here if... you're already a fan of the store's shtick—quality and style at a great value—and
your shopping experiences have been positive. If you love the Simply Vera Vera Wang clothing
line (as many of our staffers do), you'll love the Simply Vera bath items, too.

Perks: 15 percent completion discount for up to three months after your wedding. Guests who
present a Kohl's "registry announcement" card get a 15 percent discount when they make an in-
store registry purchase of $50 or more.

Register here if... Macy's is already your go-to department store, so you can rack up those
rewards dollars! Locations on both coasts make in-store shopping easy for guests.

Perks: Macy's credit card holders can enroll in the Registry Star Rewards program to earn 10
percent on Macy's purchases made through your wedding day, and receive 5 percent rewards
dollars on purchases made from your registry. After your wedding, enjoy a 10 percent completion
discount on most items.
Where to Register

Stick to two or three stores you love, since managing multiple registries
choose a national department store or a chain; such stores also let guests
access and shop from your registry online.

In addition, many couples decide to register at a specialty store, such as
one that sells vintage linens. If a favorite shop of yours doesn't have an
existing registry program, see whether you can have something set up for
you. Some store owners will work with you on a case-by-case basis.
Letting Guests Know Where You're Registered

Etiquette dictates that registry information should never be included in a
purpose. Instead, rely on your family members and wedding party to
spread the word.

It is acceptable for the hostess of a shower to include these details on that
invitation and if people ask you directly where you're registered, feel free
to tell them.
Regardless of your wedding budget,
these tools cover every item on your
wedding checklist so you can plan the
ceremony and reception of your
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