Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles
Lea Michele

"For the first year ever, I wasn't inspired by a
decade. Instead, shapes and texture were really
what I was thinking about," said Dove hairstylist
Mark Townsend. He blew Lea Michele's hair dry,
twisted in tiny ringlets with a 1" curling iron, and
then pinned the hair back into a messy chignon,
leaving out the layers in front
Celebrity hairstyles
Celebrity Hairstyles
Claire Danes

A deep side part and cheekbone skimming layers
give Danes's hairstyle a sophisticated shape.
Hairstylist Peter Butler teased the strands at the
crown just enough to add lift and a tiny bit of retro
sex appeal before pinning the length into a low,
tidy bun.
Celebrity Hairstyles
Dianna Agron

"I was really inspired by a classic set that still could
swing and move," said Pantene hairstylist Danilo
about the look he created for Dianna Agron.
"She was wearing a strapless dress, so she wanted
her hair down, but still off her face." A curly down
'do topped-off with a crystal and diamond brooch
was just the solution.
Celebrity Hairstyles
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Gone are the days of the delicately precise
ballerina bun.
Positioned right at the crown of the star's head,
this version works thanks to an exaggerated size
and a loopy, woven texture.
Celebrity Hairstyles
Kate Hudson

L.A. hairstylist David Babaii created this low-slung
braid by blow-drying Hudson's hair straight and
smoothing a quarter-size amount of David Babaii
for Wildaid Hair Polish from roots to ends. Next, he
loosely braided the hair at the nape of the neck
and secured it with a clear elastic.
Celebrity Hairstyles

The key to this look, says N.Y.C. stylist Ursula
Stephen, is all in the cut: heavy, side-swept
bangs bring length to the front, while the back
and sides are left short. Stephen blow-dried
Rihanna's just-washed hair, combing and
flat-ironing her bangs to one side. To create a
piecey look in front.
Celebrity Hairstyles
Penelope Cruz

For this classic half-up look, N.Y.C. stylist Danilo
misted a voluminizing spray on Cruz's roots
before blowing the hair dry with a mixed bristle
brush. To create body and texture, he used a 2"
iron and set the sections by pin-curling them.
Next, he gathered the top section of hair and
backcombed it for extra height.
Celebrity Hairstyles
Jessica Simpson

To get this modern blowout with body, stylist Ken
Paves blow-dried Simpson's hair while using a
round brush. After attaching Clip-In Extensions to
the back of her head for more length, he curled
3-inch sections of hair from the mid-shaft to the
ends with a one-and-a-half-inch iron, twisting
away from the face and down at a 45 degree
angle to create loose waves. He finished by
applying a shine serum to the ends and a shot of
hairspray all over to contol flyaways.
Perfect wedding day hairstyles
Bridal Back Updo
Bridal Updo
Bridal Curly Hairstyle
Bridal Boho Updo
Bridal Hairstyles
Bridal Updo
Bridal Hairstyle
Bridal Hairstyle
Chic Side Sweep

A deep side part and tousled
chignon will look great on many
different face shapes.
Layered down do

You don't have to choose an
ornate updo just because you're
in a wedding dress. Curled layers
and lots of shine can make this
more basic style feel bridal.
Half Updo Hairstyle

If you want to wear your hair
down but are worried it might fall
flat, a half-up 'do with volume on
top is the perfect choice.
Retro Down Hairstyle

Finger-rolled waves feel fresh on
below-shoulder-length hair.
Straight Updo Hairstyle

Even if you're not going curly, you
can still make your style unique. A
braid and side-swept bun are just
as fun as twists and twirls.
Swept Back Updo

ponytail keeps your hair off
your shoulders but still lets you
show off face-framing layers.
Boho Updo Hairstyle

A fishtail-braided topknot is
sophisticated but not too polished.
Adding an embellished tulle wrap
brings a hint of romance.
Curly Down Hairstyle

Go ahead and show off on your
wedding day. For a look that
feels more special than safe, try
popping in a crystal haircomb.
Hairstyles for Short Hair
Dress up a Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles can range from fun and
funky to short and ultra-glam. Read these
tips on making your short cut all about
you and how these simple ideas can
dress up your hairstyle without changing
your look.

Dress up short hair with delicate combs,
pretty hairpins or rhinestones pinned onto
the hair. Even a rhinestone headband
can be the stunning touch to your short-
styled look.

You shouldn’t go bed messy, but you can
style soft, messy curls with a short-
layered cut that will look bridal-ready.
Another elegant look you can achieve is by creating waves in your hair. They
give form and definition to short hair and create a sense of sophistication. Add on
a dazzling hairpin or barrette to finish off the look.

A bride can never go wrong with a gorgeous flower slipped into her style. Try
something that’s wedding day remarkable such as a gardenia. Its fresh, classic
color and fragrance will add just the right touch.

Don't try anything too trendy look your best by embracing your hair’s best
features and playing them up.
Celebrity Hairstyles
Beach Hairstyles
Tabatha Coffey's Wedding Day
Hair Dos. Attention all brides: "Be
yourself — but better."

Never one to mince words when it comes to
handing out business advice, Tabatha Coffey,
host of Tabatha Takes Over is confident,
savvy and assertive — qualities which are
reflected in her personal style. This superstar
hair stylist and entrepreneur always looks
pulled together and authoritative in her
wardrobe which is chock-full of luxe, dark-
coloured pieces with clean lines. They say
what you wear can affect how you feel. Take
the first step toward your dream do by doing
your research.
Planning a beach wedding? You'll need a hairstyle that can withstand a day in the sun and humidity, not
to mention   salty air. We have hairstyle ideas inspired by your favorite celebrities sure to be ideal for a
seaside celebration.
Tabatha Coffey
"Be yourself — but better."

"I recommend that my clients look at fashion magazines for ideas. If you
have a few different ideas for your hairstyle, then bring pictures to your
pre-wedding hair consultation so that you can discuss your options with
your hairstylist."

Cutting your hair on your wedding day – wig or not – is a big no-no. "I'm
always surprised at the number of brides who want to cut and color their
hair the day of the wedding. What if something goes wrong? Timing aside,
haircuts and hair color usually look best once they've had time to ‘settle in'
and soften".

It's Not Really About the Hair  "Be yourself — but better. You don't want to
be unrecognizable at your own wedding or, worse, cringe when you look
back at your photos in the years to come. Go for a dressed-up version of
a hairstyle that is most flattering to your face and figure."
Hairstyles for a Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
Destination Wedding Hairstyles
A Romantic
Waterfall Braid

It doesn't get more
romantic than this
bride's hairstyle for
her wedding in the
South of France.
Between the
waterfall braid and
the perfectly
buoyant curls, this
'do is sure to make
all of your guests
Wavy Beach
Wedding Hairstyle

If you want to dress
up your hair for a
destination wedding
in the sand, make
like this bride and
wear a vintage-style
veil with scalloped
lace edges over
loose beachy locks.
Updo with a Floral
Hair Accessory

A sleek woven bun
pulled to the side is
perfect for a dressy,
ceremony. The floral
hair accessory gives
this bride's look the
ultimate tropical
A Sleek Updo for
a Seaside

A polished updo
with a pretty white
flower is a classic
choice for a
seaside ceremony.
A Loose Updo for a
Beach Wedding

A tucked-in updo with
breezy tendrils and a
fresh white flower is a
dreamy choice for a
beachy sunset
A Glamorous Bun for a
Mexican Destination

Add some glamour to
your beachy Mexican
nuptials with a
slicked-back bun that's
as high-volume as it is
Half-Up Wedding

Whether you're
getting married in
Maui or Maryland, a
soft, wavy, half-up
hairstyle with
face-framing layers
is a surefire stunner
for a seaside affair.
A Wavy Updo

Getting hitched in
Hawaii? Try an
updo full of
textured tresses,
including stylized
fly-aways and a
romantic floral
Rustic Waterfall

Free-flowing waterfall
braids are the perfect
complement to a
seaside ceremony. This
bride's romantic, loose
locks look like they
were made for her
wedding's rustic Maine
There's hardly anything more romantic than jetting off to a gorgeous destination and saying "I do". But with travel comes planning: whether you're getting
married on a sandy white beach or exchanging vows in a medieval Italian church, your hairstyle should complement the setting.
Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers
From boho flower crowns to a romantic single bloom, we found the
prettiest floral 'dos for your big day

The best hair accessory for a summer bride? Flowers! Whether you picture
yourself walking down the aisle wearing an updo, a half-up-half-down look,
or flowing, wavy locks, a floral accent will transform your wedding hairstyle
into something entirely fresh.
Some brides choose to coordinate their blooming accessory with their
bouquets, while others opt for something totally different. Either way, the
blossoming addition is an effortless way to personalize your wedding-day
Classic brides should try tucking a single flower into a chignon or high bun.
Ladies looking to wear their hair down on their big day should pin just a few
strands back and secure it with a bright, lush bloom for an utterly romantic
vibe. And of course, the ever-popular flower crown is a must for bohemian
And while there are certain flowers that lend themselves to a floral hairstyle
(like smaller blooms with a lot of texture), nearly any blossom can be
incorporated into your wedding 'do. Try roses, orchids, gardenias, and
other similar buds.