Wedding Makeup Color Combinations
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Helps combat aging, they
contain polyphenols a
powerful antioxidant. Cut
one grape in half and rub
lightly all over face.

Bananas contain
magnesium, potassium,
iron, zinc, iodine, folic acid,
and vitamins A, B, and E,
all of these ingredients
Plain yogurt

Yogurt contains
alpha-hydroxy acids,
including lactic acid, used to
help reduce the appearance
of fine wrinkles. Also rich in
B-complex vitamins,
including B-5, or
panthothenic acid. Place on
face after cleansing and
leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty Tips
Wedding Beauty Tips

Rich in vitamins, A, C, E, iron,
potassium, niacin, and
pantothenic acid and  natural
emollients. Mash avocado,
leave on skin for 10 minutes.
May also be used it to
strengthen and condition
your hair.

A humectant, honey, attracts and
retains moisture, it's great for
anyone wanting to get rid of dry
skin. Use a damp cloth with
open pores. Smear honey onto
skin and leave on for 15 to 30
minutes. Rinse off with warm
water, then pat skin with a c10
Olive oil

is a source of squalene, a
natural moisturizer used in
cosmetics. Natural
antioxidants in olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

It has a tonic action that
promotes blood circulation in
the small capillaries that
irrigate the skin. It's also
Baking soda

A pantry staple with a gentle
exfoliant for face by adding to
your regular cleanser. It also
helps neutralize skin's pH.

when used as a skin cleanser, actually absorbs and removes surface dirt and impurities
while providing very gentle exfoliation, leaving skin smooth, soft, and clean, without soap. As
a facial mask, oatmeal deep cleanses pores without irritating and drying out skin. And as a
facial scrub, oatmeal gently but effectively removes dead skin cells, to reveal softer,
smoother looking skin for a natural, healthy glow.
Wedding Beauty Tips
Hands and Feet

From showcasing your
bouquet, your fingers will
be a point of focus in
Wedding Beauty
Winning Wedding Smile

Avoid Your Food (and
deeply pigmented
beverages such as soda,
coffee, dark tea, and red
wine can stain teeth, as
can foods like blueberries,
cherries, and soy sauce.
Bone Eyes, Terracotta Cheeks, Red Lips

This glamorous pairing was made for black-tie weddings. Start by
brushing bone-colored shadow over your lids, then apply blush that’s a
shade or two darker than your skin tone, says Daniel Martin, a makeup
artist in New York City. Smooth on lip balm, then fill in lips with a crimson
lip liner (this will help the color last). Complete the look with cherry-red
To get them in their best shape, start in weekly or
bi-weekly manicures. Painting your nails will help you
resist the urge to pick at ragged cuticles or bite your
nails," say Jenna Hipp, a Los Angeles manicurist.
"Keep a mani maintenance kit on hand, too." or, swipe
on a fresh coat of your paint at home to get the same
benefits on a budget.
"If it will stain white cotton, it'll probably stain your
teeth," says Kenneth Kerman, a dentist in Brooklyn,
New York. Beware of white wine, too.

All wines whether colorless or red  can roughen up
tooth enamel and make your smile more susceptible
to stains.
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preventing the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, or
yeast that trigger infection. Dilute apple cider vinegar
with two parts water and apply over face with a cotton
ball as a toner after washing face every day and every
benefit the skin. Mash one overripe banana, spread it
onto your face, rinse off with warm water.
include A and E vitamins, nd also some polyphenols. It
can be used to de-frizz hair or if your lips are chapped
place it on them at bedtime or leave it on your face
Oatmeal Facial Cleanser & Scrub: Pour a small amount of ground oatmeal into palm, and
add a little water to make a paste. Apply to face and throat and massage onto skin. Rinse.
Follow with moisturizer.

Oatmeal Facial Mask: Pour a small amount of ground oatmeal into palm, and add a little
water to make a paste. (For a more moisturizing mask, use milk instead of water.) Apply to
face and throat and leave on skin for about 5 minutes. Rinse. Follow with moisturizer.
Wedding Beauty Tips
By Managing Editor:  Grace Crompton

Want healthy skin, just look in your refrigerator
or kitchen cabinet. Florida Bride Magazine
asked our brides to share some of their favorite
beauty tips with you.  
Smoky Gray Eyes, Peach Cheeks, Nude Lips

A shimmery gray shadow creates the ideal smoky eye -- soft yet still
dramatic. Cover your lid with a pale slate color, then apply a darker one to
the eye crease and along your upper lashline as a liner. The finishing
touch? “A tangerine blush and nude lipstick are the perfect complement to
this sultry look,” says Linda Hay, a makeup artist in New York City
Shimmery Beige Eyes, Pink Cheeks, Wine-Stained Lips

“It’s fresh, modern, and not too fussy -- perfect for a garden wedding,”
says Martin, who likes to dab lip stain on with his fingers for a just-kissed
look. Apply blush to your lips and the apples of your cheeks, then add
shimmery beige eye shadow -- or dot eyeliner between your lashes for
soft definition
Navy-Lined Eyes, Rosy Cheeks, Shell-Pink Lips

For a chic, unexpected twist on the classic cat eye, use indigo liner.
Starting at the inner corner of your eye, trace along your lash line, then flick
up the liner when you reach the outer corner. Just don’t make the tail too
long. “Short and subtle is more,” says Martin. Pale pink lipstick and dusty
rose blush complete the look.
Taupe Eyes, Bronzed Cheeks, Cotton Candy Lips

Sweet and simple, this combo creates the ultimate fresh face. Apply
shadow from the crease of your lid to the lashline, and keep your bottom
lashes bare. “This will make your eyes appear more open and bright,”
says Hay. Then apply bronzer along your cheekbones, and brush lips with
Ivory Eyes. Coral Cheeks. Bright Pink Lips

Dab on balm, then, for color that lasts, use a lip brush and short strokes to
fill your lips in with lipstick. Blot and repeat. Keep the rest of your makeup
clean and neutral. “Use almost nothing on the eyes -- just ivory shadow on
your lids,” says Hay. For a dewy glow, blend cream blush onto the apples
of your cheeks.
Copper Eyes, Dewy Cheeks, Apricot Lips

This duo reads warm, beachy, and beautiful. Dust shadow over your entire
lid, then smudge a deeper chocolate color along your upper lashline.
Blend cream bronzer along your cheeks, hairline, and temples with a
sponge, then swirl bright pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
Finish with a coat of apricot gloss.
The Pampered Bride
Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself Before the Wedding

With wedding stress looming, now's the time to pamper yourself more than ever. Yes, a spa day with your bridesmaids is
grand, but consider these simple ways to treat yourself (and peel off stress and perk up in the process!).
Get juicing:
If nutrition has fallen by the wayside during your mad-dash to the alter (hello soda for breakfast!), consider taking two or three
days and loading up your body with fresh juice. Instead of coffee, soda, or other drinks, stop at your local juice bar or cafe and
treat yourself to a spinach-apple-orange-carrot, and load up your body with energizing and healing, pre-wedding antioxidants.
You'll feel better inside, and look better outside as a result.

Put on your mask:
One of my favorite ways to feel like I've been to the spa and relax without paying a single dollar or leaving home is to pour a cup
of herbal tea, slather on a mud mask (my favorite is Kiehl's Rare Earth), and zone out with a good book or magazine.

Bat your eyelashes:
If you've considered getting false eyelashes, why not give it a go? They'll look great on your wedding day, and over the years,
they've become less expensive to have done and more available at your favorite salon. Bonus: The half-hour to hour it takes to
have them applied is a great time to close your eyes and sneak in a nap.

Invite the massage therapist over:
In-home massage is not just for the Kardashians. In fact, do a search for local traveling massage therapists, and you'll find
their rates comparable (and sometimes even more affordable) than those at your favorite spas. Best part: You can relax in your
own home, and when the massage is over you can head straight to bed instead of tensing up again on the drive home.