Beach Wedding Ideas
Florida Beach Wedding Guide
Beach Traditions

This great beach package has a  traditional
theme in a beach setting.  A romantic style Arch
and center table are fully decorated with
beautiful silk flower arrangements coordinated
to reflect your wedding theme.

Complete with a Sand Ceremony and a carpet
for the bridal party to walk up the aisle. May we
suggest 2 roses to hand to the mothers and
incorporate a rose ceremony into your
celebration as a surprise during the ceremony.
Beach Wedding Traditions
Beach Wedding Setup
Welcome to Fantasy Island on the beach.

A Beautiful Wedding Arch awaits the Bride and
Groom as they walk up an aisle of rose petals.
6 foot tiki torches line the aisle decorated in
tropical silk flowers.  A personal wedding
ceremony coordinator to assist your guests with
their leis plus blessing shells to be placed into
the ocean after the ceremony with a special
wish for the new couple.

A romantic table will be placed in front of the
arch to place the vases for the sand ceremony,  
( which represents the uniting of two separate
lives into one ).  Caribbean music will be played
for the enjoyment of your guests prior to the
ceremony to complete your island theme.  The
ring bearer will hold the rings in a beautiful
conch shell ring holder. How about some a few
fun add on’s such as  Vows in a bottle and fans.
Beach Weddings
Beach Weddings
Aloha on the Beach

A Fabulous Columbian Bamboo Canopy adorned with a silk tropical floral
arrangement is a sight to behold as you walk up the aisle to face each other
to become husband and wife on a bed of fresh rose petals.   
To add to the tropical appeal 6 foot tall tiki torches will adorn the aisle.  

For that personal touch a wedding ceremony coordinator will greet your
guests with beach accessories in welcome bags such as:  fans, mints,
sand dollars and sundries that are handed to each guest prior to the

Following the ceremony your guests will throw sand dollars into the ocean,
and make a special wish for the new couple. A romantic style table will be
placed in the center of the canopy to place the vases for the sand ceremony
on, (the sand ceremony represents the uniting of two separate lives into
one). Sand colors will be coordinated to your theme, vase is yours to keep
for lasting memories.   Caribbean music will be played for the enjoyment of
your guests prior to the ceremony.

A hand crafted conch horn for the best man to sound to the world (even
Nautilus himself) that you are now husband and wife adds to the fun of your
Have fun with your sand ceremony and ceremony favors for your perfect Beach themed Wedding. See more beach wedding ideas at    
Wedding Sand Ceremony
Sand Ceremony

Try using shells for your sand ceremony
to complete your island theme nuptials...
Beach Weddings
Candle lit lanterns

Using creative
lanterns to adorn your
aisle will add that
classic flair to any
ceremony location
Beach Wedding Gift Bags
Guest Gift Bags

Add gift bags for your guests. These
wonderful ceremony favors include fun
favors and sundries for your beach
Island Themed Weddings
Island Tikis

Tropicals can add a flair
to your aisle as you
walk up to greet your
groom... Caribbean
music will greet you as
you prepare to say
"I Do"...
Beach Wedding Decor
Beach Wedding Place Cards
The Beach Wedding Basics
Beach Decor Basics
So you're thinking of
a Beach Wedding in
a tropical setting?

Grace offers her
insight on how to
prepare for your
Beach Wedding
here are your Beach Basics...
If you're looking for a small, simple, and
beautifully natural wedding, a beach wedding
is the perfect solution
Beach weddings often have an aura of magic,
one that's as relaxed and effortless as the
natural surroundings
handcrafted ornaments
wedding and party favors  
and more...